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My switch to support.

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Quick Rawr:
Janna, Sona and Nunu are ones that you should try checking out! Playing in draft games I get forced into positions from time to time, support being a popular one, so I've come to love the position and learn a little bit more about how to force it in my favour. I love it (:

Sure is frustrating when you have a silly AD carry though that you have to babysit.

Totally agree. Playing support can be awesome when your lane partner is skilled. It just becomes unbearable when you watch them miss half their CS or when they push the lane for no reason.

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I've personally found Janna and Karma to be my favourite supports. I've found it very easy to save lives with both of them. Janna has good cc and can kite.

Karma has a nice aoe heal and a really strong shield and is a lot of fun, and I think is one of the best supports. A lot of people say she sucks, but in all reality, when I play her, sometimes I do so well I honestly think that she needs to be nerfed sometimes haha.