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Stuck around 1350-1400

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When I started, got up to about 1550 then fell back to about 1280 and have currently worked my way back up to 1370. I've been stuck around there for a little while now, with a slow upward growth, but my question is this:

Is it better to focus on one or two rolls, be it support/solo top or mid/jungle or whatever combination and be really good at only those two, or to be a better well rounded player that can play a bit of everything decently but nothing awesomely. I'm interested in getting my ELO up, what is the best strategy.

(I have noticed that I've had more upward growth when I play support or ranged ad, maybe due to more practice with the bot lane or something.)

Any tips to getting past the 1400's and into 1500's and 1600's?

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I was at 1600 for a while. Yes you should try focusing on certain roles. My main is irelia top. With irelia i have 100 wins and 60 losses (approx). She carried me up. as soon as i got cocky i tried other roles and failed :P focus on certain roles and tell your team that its your best whenever you join a game. While doing this, dont be the one person that can only do one role. hope i helped!

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You need to know how to play all 5 roles in ranked. It's really not that hard to learn them proficiently. If you're interested in progressing the best roles to learn would be 1) jungler 2) Mid

the reason why jungler is important is... let's say that one of your lanes is feeding.. well that means that one lane is fed and that enemy lane will snowball

however let's say that the Jungler was feeding... this means that not only are you vulnerable to the enemy jungler you're also getting snowballed against by all lanes.. so you see a jungler is much like a support for every single lane. if the jungler fails every single lane will have a really hard time

the reason why i put mid as 2nd place is b/c mid can roam if they win the lane... making them essentially a 2nd jungler/counterjungler and this is important for the same reasons above ^^^ that i mentioned for jungling

so you see a good jungler has the very opposite effect that a bad jungler would have and mid is a lot like being a secondary jungler (assuming you win the lane !)

it helps your entire team snowball forward.

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Even though I'm in 1300 ELO as well, IMO the best roles to try and learn very well is mostly ad ranged, and jungler. Mid can work too as like TerraEarth said, but sometimes it isn't a viable option.

As an ad ranged if you do extremely well in your lane while if Top or Mid feeds you're the strongest person that can shut anyone down and actually carry your way to victory, I've done it countless of times not only by luck but by skill into baiting the other team into situations we win most team fights.

Jungle too is a very good role to perfect. if you know how to counter jungle properly, by say either your whole team invading or if you just starting at blue and going to their red(Depending who their Jungler is like shyvana you can start at your red and go to their blue, or just invade their blue all together because in theory they wont be there.

As being a Jungler you need to know certain places to gank and also when to gank. I mean you can gank anytime if you're the right jungler that is maybe being a person who can stun or do mass amount of damage without a stun you'll be fine.

IMO jungling is probably the hardest role to perfect because of so many factors and so much timing in when to do something, and usually if you counter jungle you're the one calling out their blue and their red and keeping track of your own at the same time.

Jungle and Ad ranged is probably my top two because if either doesn't do what they're supposed to do or like feeds or something, it's not particularly over because mid and top can put them on their back, but if they do hard core feeding especially the ad ranged it's mostly over, and the fact that ad ranged carry > Ap carry.

Oh and one last note before I'm done, when counter jungling try and ask your mid to help you when doing it because more than likely if your mid is doing what it's supposed to be doing or maybe has a couple of deaths, and you've been doing an excellent job of counter jungling in theory if you do it right you should be able to take their red/blue and maybe even kill their jungling + their mid.

The only reason why I'm still at 1300 is because when ever I was playing I went on a losing streak because I made a couple of mistakes and ended up being dumb and doing the same mistakes but in different roles, and wasn't able to really help my team out that much.