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Trollolol idea based on Asian Meta

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Troll game idea

1 Summoners Wrath, 3 brute force, 4 Alacrity, 1 demolishtionist, 3 havoc, 1 weapon expertise, 3 hardiness, 1 toughskin, 4 durability, 3 vigor, 2 indomitable, 1 veteran's scars, 1 siege commander (everyone take just to ensure the debuff is always there if someone dies), 1 summoner's insight, 1 Improved Recall

all the flat AD runes + masteries = 24.69 extra AD + (5 if ignite is on cool down) + 10 for dorans blade + 10 dmg to towers + 1.5%?(not sure where in the final dmg equation the 1.5% masteryis added) + additional damage from the - 10 tower armor

Master Yi - meditate tank the tower damage then wuju style for more dmg at level 2
Gragas - W for additional + 30 dmg at level 1 + dmg reduction
Nidalee - E for heal + atk spd increase
Xin Zhao - atk speed passive/active
Tristana - Atk speed active

All champions take Teleport + whatever - ignite preferably for the 5 bonus atk dmg when it's on cool down - Nidalee and Yi take Teleport and Exhaust

4 champs buy dorans blade for hp, hp regen and +10 dmg
1 champ buys long sword + ward

Ideal world game:

1 Top lane champ is champ with ward and places it in top left bush at very beginning - B's back to base
All 5 champs stack in bot lane bush and first blood their face check with very high AD with all the early AD runes + ignite/exhaust and take tower

Run back to bush and quickly teleport to top lane ward - their champs should be running bot to figure out wtf just happened. Take top tower - back to bush and B. should have some assist gold or first blood gold from face check + 300 for towers. Buy another Dorans Blade if possible or armor and warder get a couple more wards.

(This would be 2 towers down within the first 3 or 4 creep waves)

Gragas go mid to keep it from being pushed with Q while other 4 go clear the bot push. Go through jungle back to mid and pressure or take the mid tower if possible. Warder go ward the bush near golems near inner top tower. Split up and keep creep pushes at bay until teleport is ready again, get spotted near bot lane then teleport. All teleport behind the enemy creep line to the ward that was placed and take top inner tower then B.

Go 5 man dragon. Should have enough gold advantage at this point to face roll the rest of the way through game as long as guerrilla warfare is continued to ideally get an early inhibitor.

Pick a couple more champs that could work (Jarvan for instance with his banner) to help in case of bans and it might work in low ELO draft too. But I'm just a fresh 30, so who knows ... it would be funny nonetheless.

TL;DR - very high early AD guerrilla tactics for early towers -> steamroll

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The only trouble is any long distance harass champs with some aoe (brand, ZIGGS in particular) could put a HUGE damper on your day in the early game, and you are sacrificing a ton of exp for a chance to get an early gold lead. What happens when you're all still level 2 with a tower down, but the enemy solo lanes are hitting levels 5 and 6?