Turret Raids

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magic graven

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In many ways a turret is your main goal in a game aside from the nexus. Many people dont think of this but if they push one lane to take down all turrets they have a chance of winning. I know it leaves you defencless in the two other lanes but i found out it only takes 1 min or more to take down a lane of turrets. first off you should always have a tanker and surport in front at all times in turret raids. after you have taken out 2 turrets in that line you can let them into the other lanes. leave the third turret for a while you dont want the other team crowding at the lane. after a few minutes of spread attacks go back and take out the third turret in that lane. a result of doing this sometimes might be that you have one lane defencless but you can make up for that with the super minions you are going to spawn. If you want to learn more go to my channel RyeShock on youtube even thought ryeshock is the name on every game i play its not in lol because i have been playing lol way before minecraft and other games. my favorite games right now are minecraft and lol so if you want my ign in minecraft is ryeshock and my ign in lol is magicburger18 yeah i know it has nothing to do with the name ryeshock. if you can tell me how to change in game name in lol that would be great.

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Dekar Volff

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