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Starcraft 2!

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The Uprising



Hey just bought starcraft 2, what do yall think of it? It reminded me that dota was just an easy mode version of warcraft 3 that's for sure, but the possibilities for dota 2 are endless with the new map editor. Heck dota 2 could be a TPV twitch based team shooter. Right now (after the first few days of release), the new dota is SotIS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RDFJErgHY0).

Its decently fun and has the ability to buy mercenaries, though nothing game breakingly amazing. I hate how custom maps are being handled right now, its impossible for me to play anything but the top 5 maps atm b/c of the ******ed popularity system. Custom maps will SUCK really bad if blizzard doesn't scrap the popularity system (as the same 10 maps will played for like 10 years, and those will be the only maps ever played)