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Looking for some advice

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I am currently in the middle of a 7 game losing streak, with the last loss being the worst that I have ever seen (they where in our base by the 20 min mark). I tried to ask in game for some advice but that did not turn out well

Normally I try to play Mid, but it seems that everyone and there mother wants to play mid these days, so I keep ending up playing support.

I am not trying to be the best player in the world, but I would love to be able to hold my own. So some questions that I have to trying to get a little better and hopefully pull me out of this losing streak.

1) I am always getting yelled at to put down more wards, but I am afraid in putting too much money in wards and not be able to buy items. So the question here is how much money so I put into wards before cutting it off to save up for items

2) As a support champ I get stuck on Bot, but after the lane phase I have not clue what to do. Everyone is running around looking for a kill, but if I fellow them around I loss a lot of EXP and end up being 2 levels lower then the lowest person on the opposing team, and if I stay in a lane to try to keep my level up I am easily picked of by the other team. So the question is should I glue myself to one of my team mates or stick to a lane?

These are my too biggest issues ATM, I would love any help at all with these questions and any other tips that you think would help out. Remember I am not trying to be the best, I just hate the fact that my teams are losing due to them being teamed up with me.

Thank you

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1) a support's main focus should be this

philo stone > heart of gold > boots > support items

i will give a few examples of how to decide how many wards to buy.

let's say you started out with mana pendant 3 sight wardds and 2 health pots and you now have 630 + 150 gold

well the 630 gold you can spend to complete your philo stone the 150 gold u can use to buy 2 wards so there you go !

let's say you had 630 + 825 + 30 gold

well u can spend 630 to buy ur philo stone 825 to buy HoG and u can just wait for 10 seconds and with your income buy a ward when u have 75 gold and og back to lane

here are a few rules u should follow

1) if u can complete a item do so
2) if u cannot complete a item anytime soon buy at least 2 wards
3) always leave at least one slot in your inventory (out of the 6) reserved for wards

for example, let's say u have : boots of lucidity philo stone + heart of gold + aegis of the legion + kindlegem now u need to decide what ur 6th item will be. you are trying to be a zekes herald (vamp scepter + atk speed dagger + kindlegem) so you should buy vamp scepter or dagger for your 6th slot right? WRONG u need to leave it open for wards and only when you have enough money to one shot your zekes should you do so. always have one slot for wards.

if u follow these rules u should be golden

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Well, since I tried to read the above poster's advice and... just couldn't, I'll try to explain it myself.

None of those problems you listed are really problems... As a support, you honestly aren't expected to hold your own. Your goal is to keep people alive, especially the tank, so they can soak up damage and dish it out for much longer.

You will spend most of the game wandering around placing wards, healing, and just generally helping out any way you can. This will put you a few levels back, yes, and you'll be behind on gold as well. It's important for you to grab boots as early as you can, since you'll need the movement speed to dash in and out of fights for a quick heal and maybe a few hits before running away before you get focused.

After boots, start to stack items that generate gold per 5 seconds, such as Heart of Gold, Philosopher's Stone, and, if needed, Kage's Lucky Pick. Generally, though, you won't need to get Kage's. After that, you'll want to spend more on items with aura effects, like Will of the Ancients, Zeke's Herald, and Shurelya's Reverie.

Always make sure to have one spot out of the 6 open for wards, because warding is the MOST important job of a support. As a general rule of thumb, buy two wards every time you go back to shop or heal. This will allow for the prevention of enemy ganks, and easy kill opportunities.

Hope this helps. I'm glad to see you willing to play support, unlike SO many people who insta-lock AP carry and then argue the entire rest of the game. <3

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Well in most normal and elo hell people tend to think that only support needs to get wards and that's wrong in the early game and mid game.

As support you don't have time to ward everything since you are babysitting your carry.

General rule is that each player ward his/her area and jungle help cover top if needed.

Late game as support you will bee the only one with free slot and that's when you probably is the only one warding.

Above posters got good tips on how many wards to get and item, but especially early game you only have time to cover a small area.

If you are getting ganked mid game i recommend running with the carry and get assists. As above post say you'll probably always bee a couple of lvl under rest of your team.

But basically early game get ward to cover your lane and babysit carry. Mid get ward to cover important spots and babysit carry. late game you'r the ward man/girl and babysit carry. Ofc farming when possible if carry are at shop/warding.

If the other lanes are to cheep to get wards that's not your fault only bad players.