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Terrible Lag, not sure how to fix it?

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I've been playing league of legends on the same computer for several months now. I never used to have any lag problems, unless of course it was a server wide thing. Recently I've been experiencing terrible lag- I can't play anything other than bot games (and with the lag I'm going through even the bots are killing me), because I'll end up feeding with this lag.. It's really bad. For like the first 5 minutes of a game, I'll be fine with a little bit of lag..if I get into a fight with someone it lags from that point and does not stop at all after that no matter what I'm doing. Just straight, constant lagging. I would really like to fix this so I could play today, does anyone have any advice? I've already tried deleting pando media booster and troubleshooting compatibility of the program. Perhaps i'll reinstall?