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K Riot, seriously... About the lore.

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New Edit: 12 months, still no word on lore, or anything related to it, way to keep us posted Riot, keep up the good work.


Edit: I dug up this thread about the initial reason why they cancelled most of the lore, and reading that post while looking at the date it was posted makes me feel cheated and disgusted at the kind of excuses they shoved down my throat... Just look at this, it was posted January 6th 2012, in 3 months, it'll be January 2013... Shame on you Riot:

Dear fans of League of Legends lore:

You've undoubtedly noticed that we have not released Judgments for our most recent characters, nor have we updated the Journal of Justice within recent months. While we have enjoyed providing you with these additional windows into the Lore of our Champions and the world of Runeterra, we have come to realize that the formats we'd chosen have their limitations. Judgments are stories limited in that they occur only during the intake of a Champion into the League of Legends. The Journal of Justice is limited in that it can only contain in-setting journalistic articles. We have found that these limitations are preventing us from providing you with the background and stories that we really want to share with you, ones that will better appeal to a broad audience.

We have been examining the best way to do this and are still in the process of doing so. However, in the mean time, we will no longer be releasing Judgments. We need to take the time we put into those pieces of fiction and apply it towards finding a better solution. We will be concluding the in-progress storylines and completing the Journal of Justice over two issues, as soon as we spin up the required art resources.

We should have a clearer picture of what will fill these Lore vacuums over the coming months and will keep you updated. Thank you for caring about the Lore behind League of Legends. We promise that what comes next will satisfy!

Next coming months? It's been 9 months and you have NOT kept us updated. Way to fool your loyal fans. Biggest derping I've ever seen. You break my heart Riot. All I see is that you're incapable of bringing lore or a new way to bring lore in 9 months, you guys are on vacation yet pretend to be working... Sigh... </3


I don't get why: you remove the lore (League Judgements, JoJ, etc.), and THEN you guys think of new ways to bring us lore through fresh means. Couldn't you do that while still making lore?

The game's pretty boring atm, I use to look forward to league judgements, the Journal of Justice and creative lore for new champions... Now, all I do is watch the summoner showcase every week, and... That's it...

I just play league all day, every day, and don't have anything else to quench my thirst for lore. I want story, I want background, I want side action...

The fact you guys removed lore and then started thinking of new ways to bring that lore to us is a waste of time... I mean, what the hell am I suppose to do meanwhile???

At least tell me you guys finally found a solution... Because I don't know how much more I can take of this... The game's so boring because its so repetitive, there's nothing else touching League at the moment... I use to be 'connected' to league and all that goes on in Runeterra because I'd read lore. But now, all I do is play and blindly farm IP without knowing 2 things about what's going on in that world.

Might sound cheesy to some of you... But I don't care, I'm an addict of league, so much that since the lore's been gone, I've been playing less and less league to actually get my share of LoL entertainment elsewhere like the forums, even though the Lore was bringing that to me as much as the game was...


Anyone else remember this?

10 Questions with Brand

Ram: “Thank you for agreeing to this interview Brand. There are many across Valoran who are keen to hear your story.”

Brand: [Unleashes a conflagration, trying desperately to burn me through the invisible walls of his cell.]

Ram: “You can talk to me or I can leave you here. Alone. Again. Your choice.”

Brand: [Settles down a little and begins to pace.] “If this is my only stimulation, fine.”

Ram: “Let's start with the question on everyone's mind: what are you?”

Brand: “What do you think I am?”

Ram: “A fire-mage who went too far? Some sort of possessing entity? A murderous madman who lit himself on fire? These have all been posed.”

Brand: “No! I am something far greater! I am the Burning Vengeance!”

Ram: “But what exactly is that?”

Brand: “A primal elemental spirit, fool. Can you understand that?”

Ram: “So, if you're a spirit, then that isn't your body. Whose is it?”

Brand: “It hardly matters.”

Ram: “Again, whose body do you wear?

Brand: “His name was Kegan Rodhe. He came from a land you know as Lokfar. He was a sea-raider. He was a violent and fool-hardy man.”

Ram: “Is there anything left of Kegan in there? If you were to be driven out, would he return?”

Brand: “Your summoners cannot drive me out. They have already tried.”

Ram: “But that does not answer the question.”

Brand: [Silent.]

Ram: “Okay, then. Is Brand your real name? It seems a little on-the-nose.”

Brand: “My real name is not anything you could understand. This name says what it needs to say. That is enough.”

Ram: “How did you come into being? I mean, we're born from parents and even the Cryophoenix has an origin. What's yours?”

Brand: “I was born with the world. At first, I flowed through it. Then, I flowed into it and took a body. Then, my purpose became plain.”

Ram: “And that is...”

Brand: “To purify the world. To renew it. To burn it down again and again to make way for what is to come. That's what your League doesn't understand. I am not evil. I am nature. I am necessary.”

Ram: “So how did you come to be here in Valoran? You are primal and the body you've stolen comes from a far-off continent. It seems strange.”

Brand: “The hellish waters of this world dragged me here. I am nature. I go where I must.”

Ram: “Fighting in the League of Legends seems like an odd choice. Why are you here?”

Brand: “Does this prison not say it all! I am forced to do this. I have no choice. I am a slave of your League, muzzled like a dog. I am forced to deny my purpose and contain my power. And only until your summoners find a way to destroy me, which they research as we speak.”

Ram: “It is rumored that you were imprisoned in Lokfar for millennia, which is perhaps why no one has ever seen you before. If those who'd imprisoned you couldn't find a way to destroy you then, do you think there's a way to do so now?”

Brand: “Why would I answer a foolish question like that?”

Ram: “Because sometimes it's as much in what you don't say as what you do say. Last question. If there was one thing you wanted the people of Valoran to know, what would it be?”

Brand: “Your League of Legends is not what you think it is and your summoners are not heroes. Beware.”

And at that, I was escorted by my League representative out of the building. Fortunately, my questions were answered. However, other questions have been posed. Why is the League forcing such a being to fight instead of simply holding him prisoner? What did Brand mean by his parting words? Why was the League so eager to have me removed once they were said?

It sounds like there's more truth to be uncovered. Sounds like a job for Ram Steed.

Until next time, faithful readers.

Until next time? Why didn't you just say "That's it forever, stop expecting these because I got fired"....? Keeping us hooked and never delivering, way to go.

Edit (03/12/2012): 136 upvotes , came a long way since the ~50 during the first day. Keep bumping guys, we need a red to shed some light on this issue.
Edit2 (06/??/2012): 200 upvotes. Where da lore at??
Edit3 (09/23/2012): 300 upvotes, still no JoJ, still no League Judgment, still no lore. Riot fails.
Edit4 (09/25/2012): 400 upvotes, Riot's still mia.
Edit5 (10/03/2012): 500 upvotes and still no word? I'm getting bored of League... WE NEED LORE!
Edit6 (12/18/2012): 600 upvotes, gg, riot moves the thread and still no response. unbelievable, this company... Sigh...

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bump for lore

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Charles Barklius

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Someone disguised as J4


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Not having a Judgment for Shyvana pissed me off to no end (especially after the subpar 'lore' we got with her reveal), but now we aren't even getting anything that can be considered lore.

Nautilus: "He went in the water, something happened, he lived, he wanted to join LoL"
Ahri: "She was a fox, decided to be human one day and started feeding on souls, got sad and decided to join LoL"

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They got rid of a lot of the lore team because chinese overlords.

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The Panda

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Bump for lore ! comon riot

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they got rid of it because they didn't like the way that the summoner spotlight whatever things they were (i can't remember the name) because they didn't fit most of the characters, and how htey got into the league. so they wanted to remake how they 'got' into the league and tell it in a different lorey way.

or something. i can't remember exact wordy.

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i dont understand why people actually care about lore in video games. it's always amateur as hell. go read a good book if you want interesting storytelling.

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Lord GiantR

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I agree I like the way Lore worked before. Come one Riot you have like 300 people working for ya give us more lore.

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riot said its limiting their champion idea creation, but somehow its making new champion lore popping out nowhere

and i want more event like ionia vs noxus again

game without lore is not fun, you cant imagine whats going to happen on next story