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Ranked help, how to do good

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Sunli Min



I was 1450-1500 elo, hovering arond there, about average. Sat there since the start of season 2. In the last 30 games however I have just fallen off my game, I have droped to 1317 elo ( D: ) and have no been doing my best. I dont troll, I ward, I time baron and buffs and dragon, I do all the little things like that, however I have found 2 problems.

#1. I have had 3 4v5 games in my last 6 ranked games, and

#2. I honestly am just not as good as I was, or atleast not ontop of my game as I was. I keep making little stupid mistakes that make a difference. I make the mistakes, I am off my game and I need to get better, plain and simple.

My question for you mid-high elo people, what do you think I should do?
One thing I was thinking was getting LolReplay and just watching all my loss' to see where I screwed up.
To watch some streams to see how good people do it
To do some pre-5 games and get away from solo queue for abit/

What do you guys think?

TL;DL Loosing ranked games, not on my game. Need advice for how to get better.

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Play Garen, Spin to Win!

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I Barricade I

Senior Member


A straight copy paste of a reply i had to another player asking for the advice goes as follows -
(may be slightly offtopic as it directly addressed some of his questions, but should overall be helpful).

Well first off I lemonade I, i must congratulate you for completing step 1 - Intimidating them with BRACKETS!

Step 2 - Duo queue.

Step 3 - Download "lolreplay" (google it, its the first link), record games you play, and watch every loss.

Step 4 - At low elo, you need to maintain a positive attitude. People dont like getting yelled at. "WHY THE F**K ARENT YOU WARDING?!?!?!" and "yo blitz can you toss a ward at dragon, ill keep baron warded, i think they wanna try and force something soon" get VERY different responses.

Step 5 - Tied in with step 4, BE A LEADER. But unlike the army, or ....any other type of leader, you need to EXPLAIN WHY. saying "GROUP UP TOP" doesnt help, but saying "we got this, lets teamfight while we have a lead, more gold, and we have bot inhib down, so 1 of them has to defend it" does.

Step 6 - all players are not created equal. If you feel deserving of rising in elo, then you probably feel like the best player in each game. USE THAT. Identify your weak player, their weak player, and their strong player. Feeding off the bads early and focusing the good player in teamfights can win you games with just those 2 tactics, regardless of cs or kills or gold, simply because bad players wont optimize their damage.

Step 7 - Any 1 plan is better than 5 different plans. If someone else on your team is trying to lead, dont try and lead in a different direction. 5 people rushing baron might be a bad idea, and 5 people mid a great idea, but 3 people baron and 2 mid is worse, so just forget about your genius idea mid and go help the team. Make the best of a bad situation.

Step 8 - Dont get greedy. I dont just mean dont chase kills, or dont get baited, i also mean sometimes its better to let your teammate die in a 1v3, even if you think you ~maybe~ can save him and get a kill. From a gamblers perspective, your choices are -1 death, 0 deaths for 1/2/3 kills, or 2 deaths. That may sound like ok odds, but if you get outplayed and both die, you often are giving up something bigger. 2 deaths sound worth the risk, but what if that turns into 2 deaths, baron, 3 towers, and inhib? not so worth the save anymore, huh?

Step 9 - Baron wins soloq games. Be wary of it.

Step 10 - Dragon kills give gold sure, but the morale is more important. Winning early = winning all game. It is very common for the other team to mentally quit or play worse, or start the blame game, if you get a few early dragons.

Step 11 - PICK ON KIDS. Even if you are behind overall, if 1 of their players is 0-4 because you are literally ganking him every 30 seconds, his team will get mad, he will get mad, and they will play worse. They might even ragequit. You say you havent seen a ward in 15 games, well then play some gimmicky **** like skarner or lee sin or kass or akali or fiddles or xerath or morgana or sion or 15 others, and just stop a guys face in every chance you get (note i listed 8 champs, so dont you dare complain about them getting banned).

Step 12 - Carry harder. Are you so sure you're winning lane every game? Go look at kills, towers, and cs, at 10, 20, and endgame. I bet you a lot of times your lane opponent leaves to go help his team somewhere else, and so your team falls behind overall despite you "winning" lane.

P.S. - Focusing rammus can be the right strategy sometimes....

Hope this helped,

I Barricade I"

Originally posted ~here~

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Sunli Min



First of all, thank you very much for the post I Barricade I, 2nd of all I had no idea who you were, just that you were some higher elo guy, did not realise you were the one who wrote the 3's Tier List lol

If anyone else has any other ideas, all advice is welcome

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Lead Death

Senior Member


General tips for all players new and old.

Pro tip- learn to last hit

For practice learn to play all the roles, Master several champions.
As an excersize, purchase and master 5 champions for each role.(Top,Mid,BotAD,BotSupport,Jungle) this will take a long time and your bound to become a top tier player during this time, on top of that save up your IP and purchase 3 extra rune pages, complete with runes.

By the end of that you'll own and have mastered 25 champions and be versetile enough to play all 5 roles well, a potent combination when combined with your extra rune pages. On top of that during your practice you will have picked up a huge amount of stratagie, tips, and tricks.

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VaMP the Vice



To learn to last hit; Play Warwick.
He has a ****ty mana pool, and only 1 move that can be used to CS a creep and it costs a metric asston of mana that Warwick doesnt have.

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SS LeGendX

Junior Member


why rammus?