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With the consequences of one of your teammates leaving a game, or even going AFK, there is a loss, and an ELO loss. I know it might not be fair to the 4 players who tried their best and stayed in the game, and im not sure how ELO is distributed but I have an idea.

Lets say you're on the winning team that has the AFK/leaver. That person should not receive any rewards or ELO gain from this match, which would probably be agreed on by most. The ELO that would have been gained to that player would be divided into 4, the players that remained in the game without this player who AFK/left.

If that is clear, the same goes to the opposing team, the team who LOST with this AFK/leaver... This action reversed. Now, ELO is gain and loss in every match, weather it's even or not... idk, but if there happens to be one of these AFK/leavers, take 1/5 of the 4 remaining players ELO loss away, and add it to the ELO loss of the AFK/leaver.
EX. (Losing Team)
P1. (-20 ELO) [with AFK/leaver (-16 ELO)]
P2. (-20 ELO) [with AFK/leaver (-16 ELO)]
P3. (-20 ELO) [with AFK/leaver (-16 ELO)]
P4. (-20 ELO) [this person is the AFK/leaver (-36 ELO)]
P5. (-20 ELO) [with AFK/leaver (-16 ELO)]

(Winning team)
P1. + 18 ELO [this person is the AFK/Leaver +0 ELO]
P2. + 18 ELO [with AFK/leaver + 22.5 ELO]
P3. + 18 ELO [with AFK/leaver + 22.5 ELO]
P4. + 18 ELO [with AFK/leaver + 22.5 ELO]
P5. + 18 ELO [with AFK/leaver + 22.5 ELO]

I'm well aware that this formula isnt, or wouldnt be the exact why to handle the situation of these trolls, leavers, afk people, rage quitters etc etc. but I thought it might help with the outcome and may be of some use somewhere.

Thanks to those who read

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This is a really good idea! Hope it gets approved