Back again after being away and hating LoL

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Ocean Prince

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I have been playing DotA2 lately. Learning how to be not bad. And honestly, I am not that bad in DotA2. So I figured why not play LoL again? See how it stacks up or doesn't. I honestly, hate what LoL does.

Here's my list of hates:
Can't buy outside of the store in LoL.
In DotA2, I can buy wherever I am. Even if I am dead. If I buy an item and I can't hold it or the shop (there's a total of six on the map) doesn't sell the item, it goes to my Stash. I can either get back to base and pick up my items, or let the Courier take it and deliver it to me. In LoL, I have to go back to base, then buy whatever I want.

Towers are too powerful
Last time I played seriously, LoL near the end of Season 2. Towers were not the overkill machines they are now. In Season 4, Towers have become incredibly powerful. Not only do they do more damage then anyone else in game per hit, but the inhibitor towers will repair/heal themselves because they can. DotA2 towers, never repair/heal by themselves. This Tower change for LoL discourages tower diving. I want to make those kills. Show them that I am NOT a friendly player. Which then leads to the next issue.

Flash is bad. I can get a teleport out of whatever I get my butt into. I tower dive, get the kill I wanted, then flash out of the tower's range and get out unscathed by that powerhouse of damage.

No real complexity
When I play DotA2, it's like I have James Bond's car. It's a car with a rocket launcher, machine gun, turns into a sub, a jet. LoL, feels like my car. It's still a car, but it's not as complex or as rewarding to drive.

Everyone is samey
Is it just me or does almost everyone have a gap closer and deals DPS well? Not everyone is exactly that way. Malzahar doesn't have a slow or gap closer. But Teemo, Tristana, Aatrox, Volibear, Skarner and I am sure many more, have a way to catch up to the enemy. Either by slowing, or moving faster to them.

Lack of AI difficulties
In DotA2 there's several. Passive, Easy, Normal, Hard, Unfair. In LoL, there's Beginner and Intermediate. AI games are good for learning how to play and trying stupid ideas. LoL's limitations on difficulty are a negative. DotA2's passive AI means the AI just stands around and reacts to the player doing things instead of actively doing something. While Unfair gives the AI extra gold and Exp.

Lack of customization
You are saying, "LoL has skins!" In LoL, you get what Riot gives and NOTHING else. You can customize pretty much anything in DotA2. Your character, Wards, HUD, Loading Screen, Courier, announcer, Mega Kills. And, it has GLaDOS. The less then friendly attitude of a sentient AI who's bored of test chambers decided to comment on how things are going. And she is the BEST. She will insult you if you do bad and make fun of you if you do good. Just like playing Portal.

Lack of personality
The characters in LoL are there. They have their own little styles but they don't say much. In DotA2, the characters will share a little line or two with particular characters. Like Ursa meeting Nature's Prophet will give a little greeting of friendship. And when Ursa kills particular characters he will say a special line, like Drow Ranger. All of the characters in DotA2 will have their own special lines. The Custom announcers also have special lines.

LoL feels lacking in so much. Not only in complexity but in features and style.

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hex ghost

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I stopped reading when you said something like "tower diving, I'm not the friendly guy".


You realize the game's about fun, right?