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(Semi-Open RP) The Undercity of Zaun

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((This is so wierd... an rp that actually wrapped up o.O ))

"All the kids that Rodahn fought...." She looked at the heavily bandaged and bruised mercenary, who simply scoffed at the notion that children had beaten him so body.

"... Are recovering well, and will be sent to their relatives, assuming their parents were killed in the attack. As for the two kids, being from the lower-city... I think I'll be opening an orphanage dojo. There aren't enough social services in the city, so I guess I can put that money to use. Now... enjoy the remaining four hours that we have. We're on the clock here in the Spire."

The rest of the day was uneventful, given that Cassandra was a mercenary of good repute, and that no one else wanted to bother her now. She and Claudia, like everyone else, enjoyed the pool and the company.

Elswhere though, the powerful scientific minds of Zaun strove to understand the specimens they recovered- in addition to the Void ruins beneath the city. As for the entity that had hidden itself away in Rose, without a connection to the Void- it was merely a shadow presence, unable to manifest.

((Yes. Very wierd feeling to wrap up an RP. ))

One Adventure Ends, Another Soon to Begin.