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Durand's Pride (Galio Fanfic)

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As I read over this forum, I find a lot of really great stories by other summoners. I think that it's a great idea by Riot to let us do this. As I haven't really seen one, Here is a story for Galio, one of my person favorite champions. I plan on adding more later, if I can come up with more. Please comment, and tell me what I can do to fix things later. Thanks!
3/20/12: Added Second Chapter
4/11/12: Added Third Chapter
4/19/12: Chapter Four Released
4/26/12: Chapter Five Released

Chapter 1

As Durand finally stood back, his muscles cramped from long hours of labor, a satisfied grin crept over his face. He stepped back to admire the fruits of his labor. To another man, this was only a spectacular imitation of life, a wonderful distraction to keep others amazed by talent. To Durand, it was much more. This was his crowning achievement, his life's true goal. It was his pride.

The form of a Gargoyle stared back at Durand, with eyes that seemed to see, even though no life was yet breathed into the statue. It's wings seemed to have a protective quality about them, yet they also seemed so fragile, made as they were. The rest seemed to be that of a brutish hulk, one that destroyed with no second thought to it's actions. Durand knew better.

"I think that it is appropriate to give you a name. Don't you think so?", Durand said to the statue. There was no response

"I will soon, don't you worry"
Durand decided that it would be best for him to continue in the morning, tired as he was. As he closed the doors to his workshop, he took one final look at the statue. As masterfully carved as it was, he knew that his work was still incomplete. Only the body was made. Now the final steps had to be taken. It was time to give it a mind.

The sun had just risen over the peaks about Durand's house. When the light reached his face, Durand stirred. Getting up and fulfilling his daily ablutions, Durand prepared to take the final steps into his magnum opus. He stepped into his workshop, and looked for a long time at his work. As Durand prepared the ritual, he pondered, trying to come up with what his new creation would need in order to fulfill its purpose. To signify this, Durand needed a name, one that would inspire fear in enemies, and hope in allies. Something that held significance.


Something in Durand's mind clicked when he said the name out loud. It was, in a single word, everything that Durand wanted for his greatest work. The thought made his smile once more.
As the final items needed for the spell were put into place, Durand took one final look at the carving, burning in his memory what it looked like now. He knew that once cast, the spell would either work, or cause his statue to burst into shards, possibly killing Durand. Such spells were considered dangerous by many, and even though Durand had done so before, he knew that one wrong word or phrase would mean death for him. Durand knew that this might well be his last and greatest work, whether he were to die, or such spells were to be officially outlawed. It was of no consequence which happened.

Durand took a breath to steady him, and began to cast the spell.
"Awake! Shake off the slumber that holds you captive, and awake!"
Imbuing his voice with power, Durand began his ceremony. For several minutes only a glow seemed to envelope the statue, no visible work being done. Just as others would begin to lose hope, the statue stirred. Any other man would have dismissed seeing such a sight, believing it to be fatigue, or possible a trick of the light. But to a trained eye, this was the fruits of Durand's labor. Again the statue stirred, this time moving a hand in plain sight. A rumbling sound filled the air, the sound of stone joints moving for the first time, the sound of a statue gaining life. Durand sighed with relief. Again, he proved his mastery over the spells of artificial life. The statue began to step off the pedestal, and finally Durand began to speak to the statue once more. Before he said anything, he hesitated. What was he to say? What could he say to the creature that, for all intents and purposes, was his child? As he thought over this, the statue looked over at him. He (for it was no longer inanimate) began hulking over to him, looking at Durand with an intensity that he had only seen in those of a child looking at his parents. They both looked over at each other. Finally the statue spoke first.

"Who are you?" Its deep, gravelly voice reverberated off the walls, and back into Durand. When Durand did not respond, the statue repeated, "Who are you?"

Shaking off his amazement, Durand said, "My name is Durand. Do you know what your name is?"

"I only know that I am called Galio. Your response does not answer my question however. Who are you?"

Durand once again was relieved. The only confirmation that the life given to an inanimate object was what the caster had intended was for the object to know the name bestowed on it by it's creator. With the final test completed, Durand responded with what he knew Galio was looking for.

"I am, by all accounts, your creator. In this room, I carved you. Here in this room, I spoke to you, though you did not answer back. Here in this room, I breathed life into you."

Galio's expression turned from one of intensity to one of peace. Durand had experienced many different reactions to such a spell. Many times, the inanimate did not appreciate the life given to them, having preferred to spend eternity in the silent, peaceful embrace of staying lifeless. Some reacted violently, others wept until Durand was forced to take back his spell. Only a few were able to make the transition peacefully, and those were the ones that Durand had created with the purpose of defending Demacia from others. This reaction, however, was the most peacefull he had ever seen. It was as if the rock Galio had been carved from had been destined to become what Galio was now, and now that destiny had been fulfilled, Galio was finally at peace with everything. After several minutes of silence, Galio spoke once more.

"Since you are my creator, I thank you for what you have given me. Anything I can do to protect you, I will do."

Durand said, "That was all I was hoping for..."

Chapter 2

Life, Galio decided, was a fragile thing. When the whims of Fate or the fancies of Destiny could end one's existence as quickly as as it began, what was the point of living? As he guarded Durand's house, these were the thoughts that clouded Galio's mind. In a way, Galio felt that he was now complete, as if the fickle Mistress called Fate had decided that he should be more than just a boulder. But at the same time, his new existence frightened him. When would Fate begin to amend her decision? Would she do so at all? And if she did decide to amened her actions, when would she do so?

The night had turned into bright morning in the time Galio had spent in his contemplation. So deep in thought was Galio that he did not notice the sun creeping over the edge of the horizon. When he finally did slip out of his soul search, he looked to the east. What he saw amazed him.

A bright, fiery spot in the sky gazed at him, peaking over the edge of the world. Intense shades of red and orange seemed to emanate from it, lending a joyous, youthful feeling to the air. The sight filled Galio's limbs with vigor, making him stir for the first time in hours. At last, Galio understood.

Life may be fragile, thought Galio, but it is still precious. There are many wonders in this world, things that I can not even begin to imagine. Do the others who share this gift even realize the beauty that is around them? Or do they see these things so often that such sights are meaningless to them? I must see more. I must know more. Life IS worth protecting. I will commit myself to the task.

As Galio continued to watch the sun begin it's journey across the sky, Durand came up behind him. He watched silently as his creation followed the sun in it's never ending march and smiled. Seeing the wonder in Galio's eyes, Durand began to understand that he had never seen a sunrise before.

"Do you like it? The sunrise I mean.", asked Durand.

Galio turned to him, startled that he had not heard Durand approach.

"It is magnificent. What did you call it, the "sunrise'? It seems a fitting name."

Durand chuckled, saying "Yes it does. Even though I have seen many in my time alive, I never seem to tire of watching it."

"Then this will happen again?", inquired Galio.

"Daily. Sadly, though many see it constantly, they do not appreciate the beauty it brings to this world."

Galio seemed to grow contemplative at the statement."How unfortunate. I do not think that I will ever tire of such a sight. It fills me with such liveliness that I have never felt before." He hesitated, as if to gather his thoughts before asking,

"Are there other wonders like this?"

"Yes. There are many different sights that you should see. I will do my best to show you all of them, as well as teach you what I know of this world. Since you will no longer spend eternity as a stone, you should know as much about this world as possible." After saying this, Durand paused.

"You should know, though, that there are those who would see me dead. In my time, I have created other similar to you that have foiled these people's attempts to take over my home country. This has turned their animosity against me. This was one of the reasons that I created you. I realize that I ask much of you, but I ask that while you and I walk across Valoran, you be vigilant. many dangers are present in this world. Indeed, sometimes there seems to be as many dangers as there are wonders."

Again, Galio felt his old fears begin to return. This time, however, He paid them no attention. It was wrong to dwell on such thoughts.

"If there are such dangers", Galio stated, "then I will fight to protect the wonders of this world. Such wonders need a guardian."

As he said this, a feeling of peace crept over Galio. Fate was once again casting the his destiny. It was comforting to know that, no matter what happened, his goal in life was a worthy one. The words fresh on his tongue, Galio restated,

"Such wonders need a guardian."

Chapter 3

As Durand climbed to the peak, anticipation built up inside him. Only twice in his life had he seen the sight he was about to show Galio. Each time he saw it, it was as if he was looking at the view for the first time again.

Turning to see Galio rumbling behind him, Durand could not help but smile. The Gargoyle had been a steadfast companion and listened like no other person Durand could remember. Sometimes, Galio was so still, Durand found it hard to believe the Gargoyle was alive, until Galio said something, usually a question. Whenever Galio did speak, it was always well thought out, something that left Durand wondering of the exact intelligence of the Statue. It was obvious that trapped inside the stone was a highly intelligent mind, one that was constantly probing and learning.

Because of this, Durand spent most of his time teaching Galio what he could, from natural philosophy, to magic, to history, and many other subjects between. When it came to magic, however, Galio excelled, being a creature born of magic. It was in his very essence, and as such, he found it easy to contact and manipulate. Soon, Galio was a defender without equal.

As they traveled across Valoran, from Demacia to the Freljord, Durand made the effort to show Galio everything he could, thus his visit to the peak, where he knew a sight that Galio, of all creatures, could appreciate.

"Hurry it up! It's almost time!" cried Durand.

Galio looked up, wondering what could be so wonderful that his creator was so exited. In his living memory (short as it was) the only other time he had ever seen Durand so exited was at his uplifting, as Galio had begun to call his birth. Deciding to honor his creators wished and 'hurry up, Galio began to fly over the terrain to the peak, where Durand was waiting for him. Settling back down on the ground, Galio began to peer back, over the terrain he had just crossed. He smiled, seeing that they had covered several leagues together, the most they had ever traveled in one day. Turning back to his master, Galio noticed that Durand was looking out to the west. A look of wonder graced Durand's features.

"What is it Durand?" Galio rumbled.

"See for yourself."

Galio turned and faced west. The sun was almost to the ground, a sight that Galio had seen before. Puzzled, he turned back to Durand and said,

"I have already seen a sunset before. It is quite beautiful, but I thought there was something else you wanted me to see."

Durand chuckled. Looking back at Galio, Durand replied,

"Quite true. You have seen a sunset before. But you have never seen a sunset do this."

As he spoke, the sun touched the horizon. As it did, a blinding light burst forth from the spot where sun and Horizon met, lighting the entire valley that lay before them. Before, it had been to dark to see up ahead, but in this new light, Galio was once again treated to a sight that very few people had seen.

The valley was lighted red. Whether it was from the sun, or if the ruddy glare was the natural color of the place was almost impossible to tell. Fathoms down, the color turned from red to purple, and still further down, it seemed as if the valley itself was alive with any color conceivable. Everything in the valley shown is such a way, that Galio believed them to emit their own light, until further inspection showed that it was only the light from the sun reflecting off the stone.

As quickly as it began, the valley began to loose it's color and vibrancy as the sun began to dip back over the Horizon and disappear until the next morning. When the moon finally raised itself over the peaks behind them, the valley ahead disappeared as if it had never existed.

"What was that?" Galio asked.

"No one is sure. This valley is known by many names, although most people call it the Sun's Cave, because the sun always ends it's trek in this area. Some believe that the stone in the valley is made from strange materials, and that we should go in and take some for ourselves to further study it. Other believe that the joining of sun and stone open a pathway to a different world, a new dimension, and that going into the valley is folly, since there is only a few minutes of where the valley is lighted. Other still believe it is just a regular valley, and that climbing all this way just tires a person until they are delusional. Arguments over this place ring out in major places of study in magic and science alike. Some people have journeyed into the valley to take some of the stone, but those that enter do not seem to find their way out very often."

"It is a very beautiful sight indeed." Galio said

"Yes it is. But only for the few moments that it is visible." replied Durand. "Come now. We should set up camp here. The height will provide excellent views of anyone who had followed us, if anyone has."

"Do you really believe anyone has followed us out here?" Asked Galio. "It seems unlikely that anyone knows your exact whereabouts, and even more unlikely that they will attempt anything foolish while I am around."

At this, Durand seemed to close up. He stared into the valley, black as it was, and did not answer for a long time. Galio waited patiently. he was used to such things, and had the patience of a mountain, always waiting, always watching.

Finally, Durand spoke, his words halting and carefully chosen.

"We humans are a very foolish people. Do not suppose that you know all of our motives yet. You are young, and even though you have great power, there are others much older and much more powerful still. I have lived like this for many years. Please indulge an old man with this."

Galio weighed each of Durand's word carefully before answering.

"Very well. I will keep watch when you decide to rest. Until then, may you teach us more?"

Durand smiled.

"Of course."


"Are you sure? Is he really over at the Sun's Cave?"

"We believe so. It is difficult at best to know the exact whereabouts of this man. You know that"

"Yes, I know, I know. Well, we haven't had this good an opportunity since the last time he left Demacia. Shall we issue orders for-"

"He isn't traveling alone."

"Really? Well that's not usual. Who is he traveling with?"

"We aren't sure. Reports are conflicting, but many say that his companion isn't even human. It seems to be some kind of moving Gargoyle."

"...I see...So you've created another one, Durand..."


"Yes. Just thinking back. Issue the order. No witnesses. No proof."

"Yes sir."

Chapter 4

It was a beautiful night, Galio observed. The moon was gleaming brilliantly, and a soft glow emanated from the stars, lending a dreamlike quality to the very air. Galio hummed with satisfaction. What could Durand show me now? Is there no end to the wonders this world contains? thought the gargoyle.

Still, even on such a beautiful night, there seemed to be something off. It had been about a week since they had left the Sun's Cave, traveling back towards Demacia, but ever since they had left, Galio had felt uneasy. At first he only thought that it was just disappointment, since Durand had to travel back to Demacia for business, delaying their trip of exploration and education. But the feeling persisted.

It had become strong enough of a feeling that he had mentioned it to Durand. Upon hearing Galio's concerns, Durand seemed to laugh inwardly.

"Don't worry. It's normal for someone who guards another to feel like there is danger around every corner. You will feel much safer when we return to Demacian soil and you do not have to watch out for me constantly."

Despite Durand's admonitions, Galio could not help but feel as if Durand was to be in danger soon. Thus, he took extra watches during the night, keeping every sense sharp and ready for the slightest disturbance.

If anyone wishes Durand ill will, then they will have to get through me first. Feeling more confident with this thought, Galio allowed himself to relax a little.

Maybe Durand is right. Am I really just worrying too much? It's almost as if it is my job to worry. Filled quite assurance, Galio began to slip into his thoughts, and into the realm that they lived in.


Crouching in the dirt, the assassin waited for the perfect moment. His orders were clear. Find a way to disable the stone gargoyle. Kill its creator. Take the body somewhere where it would never be found. All very clearly given, with no room to deviate.

Aside from his payment, the assassin knew that a successful job here would give him wide renown for his craft, as well as many other jobs in the future. Success here was paramount. He would either fulfill his contract, or he would return to his employers for his execution. If he lived that long.

When he had set out on his job, the assassin had thought that the job would be an easy one. Kill an old man? It was something that he didn't enjoy doing, but that he knew was necessary for the glory of Noxus. Now that he was mere feet away from his target, he wasn't so sure. Originally, the assassin had thought the stone gargoyle was just a lie, something Durand had spread around to protect himself from people like himself. How that he had seen the gargoyle for himself, the assassin wasn't so sure about himself.

Is it possible that they don't expect me to survive? If that's the case, then am I just a pawn, to see what exactly that stone thing can do? The thought caught the assassin unawares. His paymasters were very cunning people. With no prior knowledge on the exact abilities of the guardian, they wouldn't risk sending in their best assassins to deal with Durand. The more he thought about it, the angrier the assassin became. He was no pawn to be used like this!

What if I were to leave? I could go into hiding and live out the rest of my days not having to worry about someone else, if I'm careful enough anyways. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he disregarded it. The General didn't forgive failure OR deserters. As for being caught, he knew that the General employed a separate man to find and deal with deserters. This man was known for his efficiency, his perfect calm, and for never messing up a contract.

Shuddering at the thought of the man who he had only met once (God forbid he met his twice), the assassin pushed all thought of betrayal out of his mind. He wouldn't attack tonight. A few more days of observation, just to see what else the gargoyle could do. Then he would fulfill his contract. He would show his paymasters that even thought they used him like a puppet, he would succeed, even if they didn't think he could.


"Is our assassin in ready?"

"Yes, sir. He seems to be studying the gargoyle, trying to find out what it can do."

"Is our second team in place?"

"Yes. They will watch the fight and record for us."

"Excellent. When they get as much as they can, have them fall back and give us the report in person."

"Are you sure sir? I thought the plan was to let them back up the other assassin, or if they couldn't to take out Durand while the gargoyle was occupied."

"No. We need the gargoyle to feel overconfident. We need him to make errors in his guarding, to make the job easier for the REAL assassins. Pride is a weakness. We will use it against him."

"How can you know that this stone thing can feel? It isn't human. It isn't even really alive."

"That's where you are mistaken. It's alive. Durand made sure of that."

"How can you know that?"

"Because I taught him how to do it."

Chapter 5

Durand awoke to find the sun peeking over the horizon, like a child trying to see over the edge of a table he couldn't quite reach. The thought made him smile to himself, content with his lot in life. He stretched and stood up, gathering his things and packing them for the trip ahead. He and Galio still had many leagues to cover.

Where is that gargoyle anyways? thought Durand. Looking around, he couldn't find Galio.

"Where are you Galio! We need to keep moving!" cried out Durand.

"I am over here." The reply came slowly, as if from a great distance.

Trudging off in the general direction the voice came from, Durand found Galio by a small hill. The gargoyle was studying the ground intensely with a concerned look.

"What is it Galio?" asked Durand.

Galio looked up upon hearing his name. Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Galio replied, "I have found something disturbing."

"So it would seem. You look as if you've seen a ghost!"

"A what?" inquired Galio.

Chuckling, Durand said, "Never mind. I'll tell you about them later. Now, tell me what it is you found."

Looking back down, Galio started his narrative.

"I had another sensation of being watched last night. Not wanting to wake you I decided to see if I was just nervous. When the feeling did not dissipate, I resolved to scout the area in the morning, before sunrise. I found nothing out of the ordinary, at least, until I found my way here."

Pointing at the ground between his feet, Durand continued; "When I first crossed this area, I did not notice much, until I looked down. There is an indent here, approximately two meters in length, and of about the shape of a large man. Looking further, I also found these."

Galio raised his other hand and opened it. In the center of his palm were two pieces of cloth, black in color. Durand noticed nothing strange about them, until he realized that he owned no clothes of that color. Taking a piece of cloth from the gargoyles hands, Durand examined it. It was coarse and sturdy, something a person would use for travel across large distances.

"It seems that another traveler was here. Recently too." stated Galio.

"What makes you say that? These pieces of cloth can be months old. This type of weave is built to last in these conditions."

"Only when they remain intact. You know that this type of garment is made of two different types of fabric for extra protection. The outer fabric is made to endure, but the inner fabric is made to allow for some comfort. If a piece is broken, then the inner fabric breaks after a much shorter amount of time."

Durand was impressed. Galio had begun to truly learn on his own. It was always gratifying to see a pupil begin to excel.

Durand asked, "And how broken was the inner fabric?"

"It is in excellent condition. This has been here for no more than a day, perhaps two."

Galio looked back up at Durand, his next words falling like a hammer on an anvil.

"We aren't alone out here."


The assassin watched, furious with himself. He only just managed to escape being seen by the stone monster by mere moments when it came around. From his spot it was difficult to see and here, but it seemed that the gargoyle had found signs of the assassins presence and was reporting to his master.

Cursing himself for his bad luck and his incompetence, he knew that he did not have much time left. The man and monster would be back in Demacian territory within a few weeks, maybe a little bit more of the weather was harsh. While it may have seemed like a lot to anyone else, the assassin knew that the closer Durand got to enemy territory, the harder it would be to fulfill his contract, and the more likely that other people would encounter Durand, complicating the assassins job further.

No proof, No witnesses.

Would the assassin have to kill innocent bystanders who were unfortunate enough to just meet Durand? It would make his job more difficult if more people noticed that others were missing as well.

Grumbling to himself, the assassin knew that he had only a few more days at best before he either died trying to fulfill his contract or died for failing to carry out his orders.


"It seems the gargoyle is more that we first thought."

"Yes, I read the report. What else do you think he can do?"

"I can't be sure yet. It appears to be highly intelligent, can fly, and has an acute awareness to its surroundings, almost as if it can feel when there are others around. Maybe it can even use magic. From the pictures our second team took, it doesn't look like anything more than a brute."

"That's something Durand excels at. Giving false impressions. No doubt it was built like that to give us a false sense of it's true capabilities."

"How much longer until we send in the second team?"

"We will give our bait a few more days, a week at most. Who knows? he might even succeed in his contract."

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liked it, will you post more?

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liked it, will you post more?

Well, I want to, but I'm not sure what to do... I guess I can go for it, but later. I'm glad to see someone like my story!

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Thanks to anyone who has read this! I plan on adding more soon, and I hope you continue to keep up with this.

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It's actually really nice, I liked it a lot. Altough it's truly questionable what could the next chapters be about, but I guess the training and teaching of Galio would do just fine for another shot.

Give it a try, and tell us how Durand prepared Galio to his destiny and how did he teach him about the secrets and wonders of Valoran.

And one more tip, use some more empty space between lines to make it more inviting to the eye. It really helps a lot and people will start reading easier.

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Just added a new Chapter! I hope it's up to par. Please let me know what you think, and don't forget to give me ideas of what to do. I hope to update this about every 2 weeks or so, as I'm a slow writer. So bear with me, if you read this!

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I'm updating soon with more story (probably by this Thursday)!

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Sorry about the long wait, but Chapter Three is out!. I promise to try to be more reliable in the future.

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I liked the third one too. Galio and Durand are a nice pair for philosophy. But I see the confict arising, disturbing the calm thoughts of the travelers. Well, I guess we'll se what happens.

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Chapter Four is out. Hope you like!