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So Fiora build

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This is an ideal build that you could never farm unless you were rolling or playing a 40+ minute game. I just thought I would share some insight with this champ and show my build off and get some feedback. I know she isn't the most complicated champ but I'm curious as to what everyone is building.

Boots 3 pots > Dorans Bladesx2 > BF Sword > Blood Thirster/Black Cleaver > Boots 2 > Phage > Frozen Mallet if you're doing well in teamfights if not the most relevant resistance Negatron or Chain Mail > Finish either Quick Silver Sash or Atmas Impaler > Finish Frozen Mallet > Either Guardians Angel if it's a close match or Blood Thirster or Last Whisper

Finished build: Boots 2, Frozen Mallet, Atmas Impaler, Quick Silver Sash, Blood Thirster or Black Cleaver, then Blood Thirster or Guardians Angel or Last Whisper

Dorans Blades give me everything I need early game and don't delay my core build as much as getting an early Wriggles. Plus she doesn't really need the Wriggles proc to farm she can last hit like a champ. I usually grab Black Cleaver even if I'm rolling because it means squishies melt when I pressure them. I find that tanky boots are the best choices because you don't need extra attack speed if you play smart but you might need to take less damage regardless. Boots of Swiftness are an option if you're dominating and need to chase. Obviously prioritize certain resistances or armor pen depending on the situation.

I find this build to be very powerful and allows me to get into the middle of teamfights take out a squishy (or 3 xD) and get out. How do you build Fiora?