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When you see chat like this at start of draft....

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134gu3 0f 13g3nd: IM SOLO TOP
LethalVision: mid
** Shaco has been Banned. **
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: do you guys talk?
** Rammus has been Banned. **
lolguy999: k
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: guess not
Gweling: solo top
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: dude
lolguy999: let the ones who can only play 1 role call it out now
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: i called it
** Kassadin has been Banned. **
Gweling: im firs tpick
Gweling: im solo top
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: i hate you
Gweling: well who wuld u solo top as
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: irelia
Gweling: would*
** Irelia has been Banned. **

lolguy999: lmao
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: i was joking :P
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: got you
LethalVision: sure
Gweling: no ur werent
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: i was gonna be nasus
Gweling: u chose irelia earlier
Gweling: lol
** Shen has been Banned. **
Himynameisjefff: I PLAY WHATEVER WE NEED
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: ik
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: IM SOLO TOP
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: ill be...
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: go and ban
** Morgana has been Banned. **
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: then i can get my swain
Gweling: im solo top
LethalVision: y swain bot
Gweling: we will just double top and have bot solo )
Gweling: *
134gu3 0f 13g3nd: I HATE YOU

You just know this team is gonna suck