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[Novel] High Tide

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That's right, kiddies! you can grab yourself your very own High Tide: Chapter 6: Part 2 in exactly 48 hours!

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Nothing will be up to me now, he thought to himself as he adjusted himself in the hammock as the moon light leaked into the crew's quarters. The sounds of the rest of the crews snores filled his ears. He was, as Martin had recommended. And, grudgingly, had given Sarah the same advice. Though she had graciously taken the hammock below his when she saw that he ha already claimed the top one. She wasn't half bad. But she didn't belong here. Women don't belong on ships, he thought to himself. The sensible part of Vincent, though mostly asleep, grumbled some rather rude profanities at this idea, and presenting the fact that his mother had often sailed with his father.
But....that's different. Said less-sensible Vincent to more-sensible Vincent
How is that different?
It just is
No, it's not.
But she'll get hurt.
She can handle herself, Vincent
No she can't.
And why not?
Because she's a wom.....because.
You know I'm right. Plus she isn't exactly hard to look at.
Shut up. Said less-sensible Vincent, turning over, pulling the think woollen blanket over his face and dozing off.

Vincent woke the next morning slowly. But not the kind of slowly where one gets a chance to orient themselves to one's surroundings. No, the type of slowly where somewhere deep in your brain, you're aware that you're awake, but you don't really realize it till you've tried to roll of and fallen off your hammock. Vincent had a moment to smell the fresh, ocean air and bask in the crisp, morning sunlight. That moment only barely came before the moment where he paused, yelled, and toppled out of his hammock. He managed to land it surprisingly well, with his feet beneath him, but he quickly fell forwards as his balance pulled him forwards and onto the deck. Gotta remember about the hammocks, Vincent thought to himself as he pulled himself to his feet, brushed off his clothes and made his way up the ladder and onto the deck. It was obviously rather early int he morning, for a few crew members still lay asleep in their quarters but not so early that the rest of the sailor's would still be with them. As his head poked above the floor-boards, quickly followed by the rest of him, Vincent groaned quietly, why did the sun have to be so bright?

The other sailors seemed to have adapted to the light, Vincent wondered how they had accomplished, what seemed to him to be, an immense feat. However they managed to not squint and grumble, Vincent didn't know as he made his way towards the dining room. Having to descend another ladder, Vincent didn't notice the only other person sitting there as he walked over to the cook, who handed him a bowl with hot, steaming oatmeal inside of it. It wasn't until he sat down and began to eat that he noticed the figure across from him, and the red hair that came to it's waist. Vincent kept his head down, staring pointedly at his oatmeal. Even when Sarah spoke up, he did not respond. She paused and then spoke again. Vincent realized that he couldn't play dumb forever and looked up.


“I asked how you slept, Vincent.”


Sarah smiled, “and you had no problems getting out of the hammock?”

Vincent laughed despite himself.

“Of course not, i got OUT rather easily”

Sarah laughed.

“You saw my graceful dismount?”

“Less saw than heard.”

“I can't have been that loud.”

“You were.”

Vincent shook his head and finished off his oatmeal.

Told you so. said sensible Vincent.


Check and mate.

Vincent stood up, piling his bowl on top of the other discarded dishes on the table and heading back up the ladder as Sarah resumed eating her own breakfast. As he emerged from below deck, Vincent was greeted by Martin's voice, “Vincent, m'boy! How'd you sleep?”

“Fine, how about you?”

“perfectly well, captain's quarters are rather comfortable.”

“Good to hear it, when do we sail?”

“Any minute now. I've got David and some others raising the anchor.”

And, sure enough, Vincent heard the spinning of gears and the trickle of water running off the anchor as it was raised off to his right.

“Crow's nest sound good to you?” asked Martin.

Vincent glanced upwards at the main-sail, which towered above his head.

“Uhh...I'm not sure if...”

“C'mon! Get going, jelly-legs.” Martin interrupted, pushing Vincent towards the ropes.

Vincent paused, looking back as Sarah emerged from the dining hall, and paused to watch. Vincent, who already wasn't the kind of person to back down from a challenge, and definitely not in front of a cute girl.

HA! I knew it. I told you she was good-looking.

Shut up

Vincent grabbed onto the ropes and swung his legs so that he was facing the inside of the ship and began to climb. The starting part was easy, he scaled the web of knots with confidence, but as he started to get higher, it started to get harder. The ropes began to funnel inwards, giving Vincent less options to grab onto. A wind began to pick up as he neared the top, pushing the rope side to side. Vincent lost one of his hand's grip and scrambled for a moment, crying out in shock. Then he looked down. This was his worst mistake. Everyone below him seemed to shrink until they were but dots below him.

****. Said less-sensible Vincent

Be calm. Said more-sensible Vincent.

Just then a gust of wind blew past, twisting the ropes sideways in a sudden jolt. Vincent careened sideways, his hands white as they clung onto the ropes for dear life.

Never mind, ****. Agreed more-sensible Vincent

CLIMB, you sonnoffa*****! CLIMB! Screamed both Vincents.

Surprisingly, his arms obeyed, below him, he could hear gasps as he slowly began to climb up the ropes. The wind was picking up even more, pulling water droplets off the ocean and swirling them around.

Let go, raise arm, grab. Vincent told himself, Simple steps. And again. Let go, raise arm and grab. Now the legs.

And so he climbed, like some animal who refused to let go. And then, after what felt like a lifetime, Vincent felt his hand grab onto the wooden edge of the crow's nest. He scrambled up and pretty much threw himself into the wooden carrier. He paused for a moment, breathing deeply, then laughed. He didn't know why he was laughing but it felt good. He stood up, throwing his arms into the air and whooping. Below, his laughter was echoed by his fellow crew-members.


Vincent surveyed the cards in his hand, Joker, Ace, 2 of spades, jack of clubs and the 6 of hearts.

“C'mon, Spider-boy!” Called Malcolm, a tall, strapping man with an unusual accent, “Play yer cards!”

Vincent paused, this wasn't his first time playing Twisted Treant, a common gambling game in Bilgewater, but he was undoubtedly outmatched by the people around him. He paused and layed the jack down upside-down, “Root,” he declared, trying to cover his bluff.

Malcolm looked around the table, as if seeing if anyone else was going to call a bluff. After no one did, he paused, opened his mouth as if to try, but shut it. “Alright, Sarah, Yer turn.”

Sarah took a moment, and placed another card on top of Vincent's, “Branch.”

Malcolm laughed and called out “Maelstrom.” Maelstrom being the term for when you were willing to wager that the person was bluffing, he flipped over Sarah's card and groaned.

Everyone around the table laughed as Malcolm grinned sheepishly and picked up the cards on the table “Well played. Well played.”

Sarah nodded, a satisfied smile across her face.

Malcolm scanned over the cards and then laughed again “I knew you were bluffin', Vince! I knew it!”

The table laughed again and Martin piped up from a few seats down, “Just like 'is father. Anyone else ever play a game of Treant with Vincent senior?” He looked around the table and a few laughs greeted this statement.

“Best player I'd ever met. Used to play for hours, a tankard of grog in one hand, his cards in the other,” said David, smiling reminiscently.

“When we haul his sorry ass off of whatever god-forsaken island he's stranded on, I'll need to see just how good 'ee is.” laughed, Malcolm.

“Here here.” agreed David, taking a sip from the flask of whisky at his hip.

Vincent leaned forwards onto the table and sighed, they had covered good ground today but the voyage would easily be a few months, and this was just this beginning.

Vincent fell asleep easier that night, for he had been active most of the day and his muscles ached. Still, once again, as he slept, he thought he heard footsteps, but ignored them.

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Love your work, keep it up.

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Will do, starting to write again.

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AAAAAAAAND WE'RE BACK. I am officially working on High Tide every day and will hopefully be done within the next two months.

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We're halfway there! 20000 words.

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The Red Warden

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Why did you stop?

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I love it

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Nice story