Chase! (Cait, Vi, Jinx) 1st Attempt

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Hey, Summoners! This is the first time I've put my creative writing skills to the League of Legends subject. I ended up at this end of the forum out of an urge to try, and will spend the next few days reading through what others have posted. That being said, I chose a very easy first subject just to test the waters, and I apologize if anything offends anyone, but the language falls within ToS, and if not then let me know and i'll remove any of it.


"Look, another one just ahead." Vi could tell that her partners patience was wearing increasingly thin. She almost felt angst and embarrassment that they were, predictably, following such an obvious trail into what would probably turn out to be an even more predictable trap. "This one's for you!" she half-smiled as she presented Caitlyn with a still dripping potrait of a cupcake, paint still wet where it was at its thickest.

"This one was much more recent than the others, everything else we've seen has been completely dry." Caitlyn's voice almost seemed to soften as she finished her thought. "So she's been watching us, then."

It wasn't a question. The visibility today was extremely poor. Though it was late into the afternoon, the relentless fog refused to yield to the sun's light. She knew that her bounty had chosen a day like this to leave such a tantalizing opportunity; and regardless of her usual advantage being shrouded in fog, Caitlyn also knew that once she was able to catch up, there was no way the squirmy little trouble-maker would escape.

"I'll leave that to you, brainiac, just lead me to that little punk and I'll shut her up for good!" Vi's voice echoed off the walls of the canyon that opened up so obviously close to their recent clue. "Though I'm pretty sure we're not going in THERE...right? Cait...?"

"No." Caitlyn removed her rifle from her shoulder and leaned it against the rock defiled by the pink cupcake. She sat down, leaned back, and tilted her hat forward, perching it unevenly over her forhead.

Vi shuffled nervously on her feet. "What are you doing!? We are obviously closer RIGHT NOW than we've EVER been to ending ALL of this, we can't just let her get further away at a time li..."

Caitlyn tilted her head up to reveal the grin that had spread across her lips and slowly pressed her finger to purse them together. "Shhh..."

Immediately after she finished the motion, she sprang to her feet and slung her rifle to her shoulder. Vi dropped to the ground as Jinx's now familiar voice rang in from seemingly every direction at once.


The startling thing to Vi was that Caitlyn's rifle was pointed right at her head. A single shot shattered the silence, followed by an incredible series of small but violent explosions. Whatever Jinx had thrown, it wasn't meant to be caught and playfully thrown back.

"Vi! She's just down the other side of that outcropping! See if you can flush her from below!"

As the two snapped into immediate action, a steady pulse of smoke trails began to rise from three seperate directions.

"Oh..." both of them stopped simultaneously.

Maniacal laughter filled the choking fog. This didn't look like something they would outrun. Without conciously counting, it was apparent that thirty or so rockets had left their thoughtfully placed launch-pads in the three seconds it took to realize what was happening. It wouldn't take four seconds to cover the distance.

Vi almost ripped Caitlyn's arm off in one violent motion as she grabbed her left shoulder and discharged her hextech gauntlet. A deliberate action that led to the two of them soaring in the direction of Caitlyn's first shot, and left her right hand free to line up the second volley as the two barrelled down on their unsuspecting target. The repercussions from the atrillery that landed where the two were standing seconds ago were enough to ensure that the minute Caitlyn saw the little *****, she was going to plant a bullet straight through her heart.

The fog was still too thick to make anything out, but as the two reached the apex of their flight, an unmistakable silhouette appeared about two-hundred yards away. Jinx was postured awkwardly, Cait could tell, because she was moments away from pulling the trigger on what appeared to be a 55-gallon barrell on her shoulder.

"Vi! Make sure we make a nice landing now!"

Vi grabbed Caitlyn by the waist as she eyed a spot to land.

"Get ready to dodge this, it's gonna come fast!"

A huge cloud of smoke instantly engulfed where Jinx's silhouette stood. Caitlyn steadied her sight and fired into the center. Before she could even release the trigger, a second charge erupted from Vi's powerful fist which left the screaming rocket passing uncomfortably over head.

Vi landed first, followed by Cait's body gently cradled between those two imposing monstrosities.

"Yeah! We make one HELLUVA team, Cupcake!" Vi exclaimed as she tossed Caitlyn to her feet. "That shot looked amazing! Did you hit her?"

"I don't know, she was just beyond those rocks...let's get moving!"

Thick smoke choked the afternoon air, already dampened by the humidity of the fog. They bounced from boulder to boulder, closing in on what they hoped would be Jinx's final launch pad.

"Here!" Vi called to Caitlyn in an overly strained tone. As Cait approached, she immediately understood the reason.

There, written in what must have been Jinx's own blood,
"You're never gonna catch me"

Another rumble shook the ground. A bright flash about 300 yards away turned out to be another rocket, the one Jinx was riding to her dangerous freedom.

Vi's punch crumbled the boulder along with the departing message. "Do you think sitting down when you knew we were so cl..."

"Vi, the only reason she gave away her position was because she thought we were going to wait for the fog to clear before we entered the gorge," Caitlyn's voice immediately showed why she was so confident in entering the trap in the first place. "You did good, that'll at least give her something to remember the next time she wants us to cure her boredom.

"Nice shot, Cupcake."

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Answer recieved. I expected something, at least tell me to gtfo, but I see there must not be many people in these dark corners. Wasn't the best I gots, just wanted to keep it short for this reason and introduced my style of narrative and scene construction. Should probably keep the day dreams to myself hmm? Thanks for anyone who took the time, anyway!

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It's pretty good with good grammar and punctuation (which is hard to come by sometimes). In terms of the censoring, if you put an asterix in place of one of the vowels (b*tch for example), then people understand it better than just *****. It's fine to add censors when you want to emphasize a character's point, but over-use tends to make the words seem weak and have no impact on the reader.
Anyway, good job and welcome to the fantasies of fanfiction! (Just don't make it more sh*t than it already is, and by that I mean have good grammar and don't make annoying Highschool fanfics)