Born in ice, buried in fire.

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Hey guys! I was just googling funfacts of my favourite champions (Brand and Lissandra!) when I chanced upon a fanfiction about them. I thought it was great that there are people out there who loved these creations (kudos to the entire design team) to the point that they would write about them, so I figured I might as well!

This is a total of two hours of writing, completed over periods of spare time I had at work. So please don't expect too much! (I just wanted to share!)

Here we go!

Avarosa knew exactly what lay in stall for her. A terrible end like no other; the last of her people would surely be subjected to Lissandra's cynical torturing for the struggle they'd put up with. Despite having all odds heartwrenchingly stacked against her, Avarosa still refused to resign to fate even when death, in the form of a brutal ice witch, was just hours away.

What was left of Avarosa's people were the ones fortunate enough to not have faced Lissandra in combat. Having not the habit to take prisoners, everyone else that had even went as much as taking one look at her, Lissandra herself ensured their deaths.

Avarosa fell to her knees, facing her elders.

"I... I'm sorry." Tears streamed down her frozen skin.

"It is us who deserve this death," the elders, calmly, responded. "We knew this was to happen when we graced Lissandra with a second chance."

"But I should ha-"

"Be at rest, Avarosa." One of the elders interrupted. "Still your heart for the end. If anything, we, and of course you, deserve a peaceful going."

Avarosa, as she wiped her tears away, glanced passed the council of elders over to the last of her tired warriors. Everyone wore the weary look of exhaustion, wallowing in the stale air of despondence. They hadn't the will to merely converse, neither had anyone the mood to even touch their last meal. The depressing realization finally dawned on Avarosa that everyone had lost the last vestige of hope.

"Everyone..." She announced. "The food's turning stale."

"Then let it stale. Maybe it'll become colder than our hearts." A lone warrior, aloof in a corner, cried out in response, without bothering to look at her.

Avarosa remained silent. She knew it was only prudent to leave everyone to themselves, lest she should aggravate them further. Knowing everyone's mounting disappointment towards her was too much of a burden to bear. She was torn between the compulsion of silence and her need to stand up for herself. Crippled with the nagging feeling of helplessness, with gritted teeth and clenched fists, she walked out of the camp.

Just as she made her exit, she turned to yell at everyone in the camp. "I will atone for what I have done! I will-"

"You still can't bring back everyone." The same lone warrior retorted. "Everyone... Mother..."

His voice slowly drifted into a murmur and his words etched a surge of guilt upon Avarosa. Her hair stood on end when he began to bawl. Realizing her presence would further elevate the awkwardness, she promptly ran out of the tent in shame.

Avarosa's life began to flash before her eyes. Going back to the start, remembering her birth into royal lineage and right after her father's passing, she took it upon herself the mantle of protecting her people, despite not being the rightful one and not having to take on this responsibility. Being the only child, she succeeded her father's throne, under the guidance of her ailing mother, Avarosa ascended to being the first queen of Freljord. Over the course of her benevolent reign, Freljord bloomed unto an unprecedented prosperity and shortly rose to its apex. Avarosa was revered as more than Freljord's queen, she was a mother, a goddess and a friend to all under her rule.

It was such a shame not everybody wanted this prosperity to last. Obstinate in her conquest for Freljord's rule, Lissandra couldn't have submitted to Avarosa's reign. She bade her time for the perfect time to strike, the exact precise moment where she would have Avarosa on her knees before her.

The last memory Avarosa had of Freljord was of her mother's celeberation of her birthday: the three-day extravagant affair Freljord has been looking forward to all year round. On the very last day, the empress dowager gathered all of Freljord before the castle and having them bear witness to the bestowing of the title of queen to Avarosa. As she made it to her last part of her speech, "...old age and disease riddle this frail body. It will not be soon before this world forgets my body," black ice began to stain the place with an unsettling array of shade.

"Then let me help you with that!"

All the black ice reformed, taking the shape of a massive shard of ice and thrusted itself towards the empress dowager, mercilessly taking away her life before anyone could react.

"This is my gift to you, Mother! I'll put you out of your misery!"

The voice trailed into nothingness, ending with cynical cackling.

Till this day, Avarosa had always been haunted by the memory of her mother dying in her arms and she swore upon her life she would exact revenge on her murderer. The murderer that was her very own daughter; the sister she once regarded dearestly.


The very week that followed the death of her mother, Avarosa waged a war against Lissandra. The very same war that brought Avarosa down to this ruination she was now caught in. Prior to the public assassination, Lissandra had already amassed her legion of warmongers and she planned for the assassination as an incital of war. Played right into her hands, Avarosa realized she was fighting a losing battle only too late.

She walked out of the encampment, stopping just at the entrance. She gazed into the blurry skyline, across the tundran mountains, fixating on Lissandra's palatian domain. It was a fiercely guarded territory; by snow trolls, soldiers of ice magic, indigenous and some of them once were her people no less. Not only was Lissandra's reign an overwhelmingly oppression for Avarosa, she was also constantly reminded of the bitter betrayal of her people. Having lost all she's had, even all of her hopes and dreams, Avarosa was more than willing to embrace death. She heaved a sigh of sorrow, then drudged herself towards the mountaineous region. Just as she lifted her foot, an elder called out to her.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked with a weak and tired voice. "It's dangerous out there."

"I'm going to see my sister." Avarosa replied. "I'll ask her for-"

Just before she could finish, the snow around her began to blacken and the cold slowly turned into searing frostburn. The snowy breeze was abruptly overrun with the overpowering presence of magic, to the point of suffocation. In a panic, everyone ran outside. They looked at Avarosa with pleading eyes, as though they were begging to be spared from death.

"Looks like you don't have to go anywhere," said the same elder. "She's here."

A sudden, entrapping gale enveloped the encampment, bringing in its wake naught but blackened ice.

"And what would you ask of me," Asked an unforgiving, echoing voice. "My beloved sister?"

Right atop the peak, all the tainted ice whirled into a silhouette, rising from the ground up, instantaneosly giving form to Lissandra. She lowered her head, in majestic grace, and turned to face Avarosa. Despite the physical lack of eyes, she knew Lissandra was looking right into her soul. Fear had already consumed her, but she wouldn't allow herself to falter, especially not in front of the people she dearly protected with her life. Steeling her resolute, Avarosa threw away all hesitance to negotiate with her sister.

"Lissandra, I beg you," Avarosa demanded. "it is I whom you want to rid of. Spare my people of their innocent lives"

"Even on the brink of death, you still realize not your utter folly." Without the least need to think, Lissandra hissed in vicious temper. "What gives you the slightest hint of right to make demands of me?!"

"Lissandra, I-" Avarosa tried to plead.

"That would be QUEEN Lissandra to you." In a quick, interruptive response, Lissandra spat.

Fearful for tyranny, the people of Avarosa looked, silently, in contempt. Avarosa pushed down her throat the last bit of courage that almost escaped her mouth. She was thrown off by the sympathy of her people and utterly humiliated by it. But she knew she was in no position to bargain, and that she also knew she now held never so tightly in her hands the lives she fiercely fought to protect.

"Queen... Lissandra," Avarosa muttered.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU." Lissandra interrupted.

"Queen Lissandra!" Avarosa shouted, her eyes widened with agitation. "I beg your benevolence to spare these innocent lives!"

"I... Will not." Lissandra loosed her iconic cackle. "I will kill who I please! And i promise you your death will be nothing short of royal grandeur! You will DIE like the fallen disaster that you are!"

In fright, the elders backed down, audibly gasping.

"Stay back," Avarosa adjusted her head slightly to make eye contact with the elders with just the corner of her eye. "All of you."

Lissandra promptly smirked. "Enjoy your last breath, dear sister. As promised, your death is to arrive in two hours!"

"Wait not another breath!" Avarosa solemnly shouted in response. "To no end I will go to manifest my promise! As how I, alone, erred for this bloodshed to pour, is how I would seal the witch in her frozen tomb!"

"WHAT FOLLY!" Lissandra cackled in blatant contempt.

Before anyone could react, Avarosa reached for her heart and pressed her hand inside. To everybody's disgust and utter shock, her hand sunk beneath her skin. With just a single breath, she recited:

"Beckoned thee, fire of purge!
My frozen heart, raw and skinned,
As my offer to your service,
Show not a vestige of mercy,
Not to to the world,
Not to the icen witch!
I beg of thee,
Seal her with your fire of purge,
And bring silence to her sirensong!"

Within seconds, Avarosa fell to her knees and erupted into violent conflagration, akin to an uncontrollable wildfire. Her eyes were glows of ember, her skin a crimson lava red and her body began to crumble. Everyone present could feel a powerful magic consuming her. After the flames stabilized into a kindle, Avarosa let out a deafening scream.

"I," A strange, deep voice bellowed. "am the pyroclasm,"

By no means inconspicuous it was something else that had taken over Avarosa's body.

"Are we ready to set the world on fire?"

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Please, continue.

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Keep it going, please?

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Glad to see someone actually wants to read this!

"Impossible." Lissandra thought to herself, visibly flabbergasted. "But not of consequence, nevertheless."

Avarosa's body was brimming with fire and it was visibly antagonizing her. As she begged for death with her helpless screams, the fire began to consume her. In an instant, her body withered to a husk. With her last breath of life, she ripped out her own heart, loosing a piercing shriek as she did. She clasped her heart and as it was drained of blood, it began to freeze. Once absolutely frozen, the fire weaved for a few seconds the stopped burning altogether. Just as everyone thought the fire had burnt out, it violently erupted from Avarosa and took the form of a faceless man. At the last second of her life, she turned to take a last look at her allies. With a faint smile and a nod, she bade them to escape as she whispered, "Like I've promised... Now run..." After which, her body froze to crystal point, collapsed onto the ground and shattered into dust. Confoundingly persistent to see things to the end, the elders wouldn't leave and neither would Avarosa's warriors. All they moved were a few inches backwards in anticipation of the fight.

"The paths of nemeses are crossed and narrow," Brand spiffed in his raspy voice. "Do you not agree, Ice Witch?"

"Imprisoned no longer, I see." Lissandra satirically smiled. "But might you have forgotten you are now but a fraction of your former self. What manner of hope dare you harbor?"

"This world," Brand's eyes glowed ember and his hands began to flame, poised to strike. "Is a loving place, is it not?"

Lissandra remained silent as she observed Brand's every move.

"We have Iceborns. Magical beings, vested within their worthless bodies a sanctum of infinite mana!" Brand said. "Why don't you give me yours!"

Brand burst into flames as he projected a fireball towards Lissandra, to which she repelled with a shield of ice and thrusted with a shard of ice. Brand swerved his arms outwards, setting ablaze the projectile and the icy cliff she stood on, breaking them both. Lissandra then formed a tower of ice beneath her, stopping her fall.

"Tch! Child's play!" Lissandra taunted as she sent a rake of ice towards Brand. "I have torn your soul asunder once! And I will tear it again!"

She disappeared for an instant and re-appeared behind Brand, immobilizing him with an overrun of icicle stalactites. In retaliation with a clench of his fists, Brand covered the battlefield with columns of fire, thawing the witchfrost. As the devouring inferno consumed the fight, Lissandra and Bran both realized her impatience was a grave mistake. She then sank into slight repose to gather her witchly magic, concentrating it into her body.

"Cruel unholy winter,
Slave to my magic,
in blackened ice,
I bid thee,

During the recital, dark ice crept up Lissandra from beneath her, putting out all the raging fire. But she was now immobilized, grasped by her own magic. Wasting not even a second, Brand summoned an enormous amount of magic in the form of magic lava.

"Runic fire of ancient past,
The Burning Vengeance commands!
Be as a spirit of seething blaze,
And run this witch into her grave!"

Brand snickered as he muttered, "An ice tomb for the Ice Witch. How fitting!"

Just as the lava spewed from within Brand, the ice beneath Lissandra erected in an instant, forming an impregnable armor of ice. Upon contact, the icy armor froze the lava, streaming in an icicle rush from the touching point all the way back to Brand. It was far too late for him to retract his magic. All he could manage was a look of trauma before he turned to solid ice. As soon as he was frozen shut, the ice around Lissandra thawed into nothingness.

Lissandra cackled as she caressed the face of a frozen Brand.

"Is it cold in here?" Lissandra said. "Or is it... Just me?"

She once again performed her iconic cackle before she strutted away. As soon as she turned her head, she heard faint noises of shatter. Instinctively, she worriedly turned backward again and thrusted Brand with massive icicle shards. Inaccurate to her anticipation, Lissandra destroyed the prison of ice that trapped Brand, but not without dealing lethal damage to him. The last blow from Lissandra split Brand into wisps of fire and as he tried to fuse his separate selves, they died out, leaving only one behind. Knowing he had lost even more of his power, he bade a hasty retreat. As weak as he was, his wisp form was still agile enough to dodge Lissandra's attacks. She looked as Brand disappeared beyond the mountains, into the far horizon.

"It matters not if you are the fire that cleanses the world, Brand." Lissandra murmured to herself. As she was alone, her echoing voice resonated even harder. "The world began in ice and it will end in ice."

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So, Brand is Avarosa reborn? Or was Brand entombed/sealed inside Avarosa? Also, where is Anivia? She was there for all this history.

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Originally Posted by geogio13 View Post
So, Brand is Avarosa reborn? Or was Brand entombed/sealed inside Avarosa? Also, where is Anivia? She was there for all this history.
*nods* in between these two parts, I added a newer bit and I polished most of them. Hopefully, it'll make this piece less vague!