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Champs who are sub par because of the current meta

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So I was playing with an akali the other day which is funny because I hadnt really seen anyone play her in a long long time, Probably since I was level 20 or so. And I thought about it, besides the fact that she is just arguebly not a good champion in higher level matches (I said argueable). She simply doesnt fit in the current meta. I suppose she can solo mid, but i have always felt she is to squishy and deosnt have the poke or the farming abiilty to survive it. And she cannot be a solo top against and ad brusier she will get pushed around all day. And bot is just a no.

Which leaves the question of what other champs are not good simply because the meta doesnt really allow for them to be good right now?

Sidenote: I am not a huge fan of the current meta involving support champs. I understand why it is so but it rules out so many other viable support characters due to no farm and the relience on gold items.