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800 ELO to 1200 in about a month

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Posting this thread to everyone who complains and says it is impossible to get out of ELO hell.

I've played ~150 ranked games and I am about 10 games over now. I got into the low 800s by solo and duo queing. After a certain point the players at that level do not care about team comps, afk, trolling, etc. I took about a month break from ranked to just work on my regular game with a few carries.

I came back to the ranked game about a month ago and was surprised at how much easier I dominated. I realized in that level you HAVE to play tanky carries that are capable of getting triple kills and winning teamfight BECAUSE OF YOURSELF. I grinded it out with my jungle Skarner and top/jungle WW. I recently went on a streak winning 13 of 15 ranked games and continue to win consistently. As I got to better ELO levels I started playing my strong ad carry Corki because I knew I can rely on higher skilled teammates.

The important thing is actually learning the game and having the ability to back your confidence and your team. You need to CARRY OUT OF LOW ELO. Also never get complacent when you are winning in the game you need to continue to press your advantage and get Dragons, buffs, gold, Baron (when time is right!), and do not get reckless just because you are 10-2-6 at one point. It can turn around quickly!