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How to get referrals

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I was thinking about how to get referrals. If you make a campaign in AdWords and don't ever start it, they'll give you 100 dollar gift certificate to get it going after about a month.

I did this and these past 3 days I've used 33 dollars a day in Adwords to get 375 referrals. I was thinking that most folks wouldn't be actually getting to level 10, but there are around 5-7/10 that are level 5+ from 3 days ago.

CTR: 7.8%
CPC: Automatic, but averages 13 cents.
Average position: 1

Meaning no one else is doing this. I'm sure that if everyone go rushes this, these stats will begin to suck, but as of right now, those are glorious stats for an AdWord campaign... not to mention a decent way to get 100 dollars worth of free stuff from Riot (10k RP and the collectors pack. Not to mention a "recruiter skin" (Grey WW)).

This is all off the keyword: "league of legends"