Floating Text and Healthbars

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Currently I find it somewhat difficult to read the blur of combat text that floats up off enemies. I have thought about it a bit and I believe it is more or less coming from the fact that everything on the screen is very colorful, and the color, font-size, and font of the floating combat text currently gets lost in the web of color that is on the screen.

The second issue I am having right now with the in-game HUD is all of the friendly health bars. Don't get me wrong... I like seeing friendly champions health and power, however, I don't need to see every friendly creeps health all of the time, especially if I can't deny (not that I am very good at it, but it seems to add a lot of clutter to the UI if it really isn't good for something mechanical). I understand that knowing the health of a wave of creeps will help with decision making mostly in reference to when I should attack or back off on a push to a tower. So in short, I would only like to see friendly health bars on other champions, and towers all the time. Perhaps a toggle key to see creep health, or allowing me to cycle through several health bar display settings.