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Fiora Guide..

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To Bottom Lane.

Yes, you heard me, bottom lane. I'm sure at this point in your internal monologue you're saying "B-b-b-b-ut what about ranged AD? WE NEED A RANGED AD CARRY". Stop for a minute and think about that. Do you need a RANGED AD carry, or just an AD carry? The point of the ranged AD carry is to provide consistent DPS over time on targets of interest. With her double gap closer, move/attack speed steroid and ult that can be guaranteed to secure a kill Fiora does all of this while still being fabulous and French. She also stacks up better against ranged AD early on than she does against most of the bruisers you'd otherwise face solo top, as if you're last hitting properly Riposte renders you almost immune to the opposing ranged poke and, once you hit level 3, its almost silly how fast you can melt the typical bottom lane parade. Regardless, I've been running Fiora/CC support bottom pretty consistently since she's been released, against everything from solo q blinds to arranged 5v5s and the results have been the same almost every time. Quadra kills, single digit deaths, and more swords than any one woman can handle (Seriously, unless Fiora is Bayonetta and can put swords on her boots..)

Now, its imperative that you get yourself a support that complements what you bring to the table, which is TONS OF DAMAGE and the ability to quickly apply it. With that in mind, Alistair is my personal favorite, though Janna, Taric, Lux, and even Nautilus (Though to a lesser extent, as his lack of range kind of hurts) have all worked for me when I've tried them. Still waiting to try this with Shen/Nunu, but I could see how they would work, Nunu especially. Basically, make sure you pick a support that covers your weaknesses (No CC, melee range) and you're gravy.

Runes are standard AD Carry fare, AD reds/quints, Armor yellows, MR/level blues. You could make a case for ArPen quints or reds too, but after experimenting with both sets I've found the early AD is more effective (as most bot laners don't start by getting armor anyways). I like to run a 21/9/0 mastery build to pick up the bit of extra tanky-ness/HP, but I could see the case for a 21/0/9 focusing on the Movespeed boost (with movespeed quints to back it up) being workable too.

Skill build is basically W > E/Q depending on how aggressive your lane is playing > E/Q (whichever you didn't get at level 2) and then just follow the usual R > W > E > Q. You max W first for two reasons:

1) The damage return is actually pretty high at earlier levels, and with only one or two people hitting you you're pretty much guaranteed to put that damage where you want it to go.

and 2) MOAR AD (There's also the lowered cooldown, making it better for when you square off against that auto attacking AD in your lane, but that's besides the point because usually they're dead or running by the time it comes up again).

Try it, see how it plays for you.