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Counterpick Spreadsheet

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So, I don't know about everyone else. But there are quite a few champions that I'm not familiar with. When I am put into a lane that I am not used to, I like to set myself up for success. I went through all of the guides on http://www.lolpro.com and took the counter picks at the bottom of the guides in order to form an easily accessible spreadsheet with every champion in the game and what counters them to make it easier for people to get a leg up.

However, I believe this to be a seriously incomplete list and wanted to get feedback from my fellow summoners and their experiences.

The spreadsheet is based on the following assumptions:
-Both summoners are of equal skill value
-Both summoners are level 30
-Both summoners are running ideal runes/masteries

Any help would be appreciated whether it be one of counters I have written down is incorrect, or you have another counter that I might have missed. If you could cite reasons as to why either of those need to be changed that would be great. For example X champion counters Y champion because X champion has better mobility, poke, early game, sustain etc.

The spreadsheet is setup so that if you look at the champions on the horizontal line, and follow it down, when you meet an O, the corresponding champion on the horizontal line counters it. For example, if you start at Ahri, on the top line, and follow it down you find that the first O is Annie, who is the first known counter for Ahri. All the X represents is when a champion meets the same champion on the line. For example Ahri and Ahri.


Thanks in advance for any and all help, I hope some people get some use out of this and will be updating it with any new information that I get!