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Why hasn't Riot fixed the black screen?

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Like, seriously? I've had to dodge 3-4 ranked games in the past couple weeks due to this bug. I see posts about it in bug reports that just get ignored, too (does riot even read those forums?).

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PLEASE NOTE: This solution is only for people with the issue that the screen turns black for 1-5 seconds during a game match, and then comes back. This will not fix a bugsplat issue.

Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config
In that folder, you will find game.cfg
Open that File in Notepad.
Add these 2 lines (note if [hacks] already exist just add the 1 line below it)

The old solution was the same as this one, however, they've moved the config file. I've played 4 games, and I've had no problems yet. Before this, I could not play a single game without 1-3 blackscreens.