Mute/ block ping feature

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Is there any plan in the foreseeable future of implementing a chat-block style feature for teammates pings? Something similar to muting toxic allies in the scoreboard, a button that allows you to mute or shut off pings from that particular player.

I am so incredibly sick and tired of these ping spamming children who do not understand some very simple facts:

1) Ping spamming takes AWAY your vision of your minimap.
2) These kids who seem to feel they are contributing to your push by repeatedly pinging the object you are already attacking.
3) For those teammates who just do not get it and spam 50+ pings per minute.
4) Pinging repeatedly that you have somebody incoming to your lane when you are already aware of it as you have a ward there they are running by...
5) you should never need to ping anything more than twice. ever.
6) trolls sniffed out the fact a long time ago that nobody can block their pings if their chat is muted... giving them a level of power they should not have.

Between the insanely annoying noises the pings make and the incredible blinding of the minimap I truly feel this is one of the most needed features going forward in the league. Not everyone I play with do I feel the need to mute in chat or in pings but having the ability to do so would be freaking fantastic.

Thank you very much, truly hope to see something along these lines implemented soon!


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Mr lnfinity

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I couldn't upvote this more...Ping spamming is incredibly annoying.

If not this...I think riot should monitor the number of pings a if someone pings 149 times during a 30 minute game they have their pings in the future monitored/reduced. The great majority of players use pings responsibly, but it is immensely annoying when you have that one rager who is pinging an enemy who you can clearly see because he got 1 v 1'd and is embarrassed and wants you to rambo into their whole team to finish them off. That's just one example...but yeah...this please.