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Vladimir - The Crimson Reaper of Transylvania!

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Vladimir - The Crimson Reaper of Transylvania!

First off, this is my first guide that I have written, so I apoligize if the format isn't to your liking or if I do leave something out. Please do comment on things I can add or subtract to help my future guide-writing!

Vladimir's Abilities:

Transfusion (Q): Vladimir drains the lifeforce of his target, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+.6 per ability power) magic damage and healing himself for 25% (+.25 per ability power) of that amount.

This is your bread-and-butter skill, that scales fairly well with AP, and has a low cooldown at max-level.

Sanguine Pool (W): Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood for 2.5 seconds, becoming untargetable and slowing enemies above him by 50%.
Vladimir deals 80/135/190 (+15% of bonus Health) magic damage over the duration and heals himself for 12.5% of that amount.

This is your great escape/turret dodge mechanism! Very useful for turret-diving and escaping fights when need be.

Tides of Blood (E): Vladimir unleashes a torrent of blood dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+.45 per ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies.
Each cast gives him an Empowered stack (max 4), increasing his healing and regeneration by 8% each. Additionally, his next tides of Blood deals 25% more damage and costs 50% more healh per stack.

Another useful ability that can cause a lot of damage over a period of time, especially in the longer team fights. You must be careful though, as the health costs increases the more you use it in rapid succession.

Hemoplague (R): Vladimir infects the target area with a virulent plague increases the damage they take by 10/14/18% for 5 seconds.
After 5 seconds, infected enemies take 200/300/400(+.75 per ability power) magic damage.

This is your team-fight winner. Not only does it deal massive damage (especially with a good AP build) after 5 seconds, but it allows you AND your teammates to deal extra damage to anybody afflicted by it.

Crimson Pact (Passive): Every 25 points of bonus health gives Vladimir 1 ability power and every 1 point of ability power gives Vladimir 2 bonus health (does not stack with itself).

Very excellent passive, and you will know this if you've played him at all.

I tend to Max out Transfusion and Tides of Blood first, leaving Sanguine Pool for the very last. Though it is excellent for diving/slowing/escaping, it's not necessary to have it maxed until late game.

So the leveling order should look like this:
1: Q
2 :E
3: W
4: Q
5: Q
6: R
7: Q
8: E
9: Q
10: E
11: R
12: E
13: E
14: W
15: W
16: R
17: W
18: W

I chose this progression to get my 3 skills early, then to max out Transfusion and Tides of Blood, leaving Sanguine Pool to the side for later game. I found this to be a very effective way to progress him, as it allows him to deal a very good amount of damage.

Skill Rotation:

Once I get around lvl 7, your rotation should be pretty set. I get in range to Use Tides of Blood, however I don't use it first. I open with Transfusion, then immediately follow up with Tides. After that I will pop my Sanguine Pool to slow them and prevent them from hitting me. By the Time I pop back up my Transfusion and Tides of Blood is ready to go again! Then hit them with the ult if they need to be finished off.

So it looks like this: Q > E > W > Q > E > R

For team fights, the only thing that changes is I will Hemoplague right after Sanguine Pool to allow my team to clean up the rest of the enemies if need be.

Team fights go like this: Q > E > W > R > Q > E

Recommended Summoner Spells:

Exhaust: Extremely useful in early and mid game for kills. Not only will you have your slow from Sanguine Pool, but you will also have a second slow that also blinds your opponent, allowing you more time to beat on them.

Ignite: Extremely useful throughout the entire game, the extra DoT ability will allow you to kill those pesky champions that don't quite die.

Utilize a standard 9/0/21 setup. In offense, spec your masteries so that you can get the extra Magic Penetration, and in Utility, get the masteries that do NOT affect mana. Fairly simple and effective.


For this setup, this is what I recommend:
Magic Penetration Marks
Magic Penetration Glyphs
Cooldown Reduction Seals
Flat Health Quintessences.

This setup will give you that extra Magic pen needed to bust through your opponents defenses, allow your abilities to come up a little more quickly, and have a little extra health (which also affects your AP)

Item Build:
Ok, this is fairly simple, yet can be complicated at the same time, but not really (have I confused you yet?) For this build, I typically go AP over Health, but I don't forget health whatsoever.

At game start, buy an Amplifying Tome and 1x Health Potion. The Health Potion is optional as you have a life-stealing ability. Getting the Amp. Tome first helps build towards your 2nd item and gives you a small boost at the start of the game.
Next, get your boots and turn them into Sorcerer's Shoes for the (you guessed it) Magic Penetration.

Next, build your Haunting Guise. The +200 Health and +25 AP is nice. And guess what? It's another +20 to Magic Penetration!
After that, I would HIGHLY suggest building Rylai's Crystal Scepter, purchasing the AP items in the recipe first. Once you have it made, the slowing component is endlessly useful. (note that the slowing effect from the Scepter does NOT stack with Sanguine Pool's effect)

This is when you start going for your health items, if you team is doing well. I would go for Warmog's Armor, as a standard play. The bonus health and HP regen is invaluable.
If you get this far (which happens more than not) get Zhonya's Ring for an immense boost to your AP, and the nice Active for those "oh ****!" situations.

The final slot is all a matter of preference, just make sure it's Health or AP. Void Staff is my item of choice for the 40% Magic Penetration.

So your Item Setup/Buy order should look like this:

Amplifying Tome/Health Potion
Sorcerer's Shoes
Haunting Guise
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Warmog's Armor
Zhonya's Ring
Void Staff

The Early Game Vladimir:
Alright, so you've began your game as Vladimir. Though he does make a very good mid-lane player, chances are that your team will not have you in mid, so don't get over-ambitious should you be on Top or Bottom lane, YOU'RE SQUISHY in early game. Try to coordinate with your team. By level 3 you should be able to control whatever lane you're in with relative ease. Believe me, it's easier than you think to harass with Vladimir.

The Mid Game Vladimir:
This is the most crucial part of the game for Vladimir. At level 9 your Q should be maxed out and it's time to start getting those kills racked up! Make sure you don't go into a fight without your pool up, however, should you find yourself in a bind and need to make a quick escape. It'll also help you keep your rotation in check.

The Late Game Vladimir:
Once you reach level 14, it's game over for anyone who isn't a tank on the enemy team. If you did your build and skill progression correctly, you should be easily able to dominate any person on the enemy team 1v1, and your participation in teamfights will be priceless with Hemoplague!

Now get out there and Rip it up as this excellent hero!

All feedback/comments/(constructive) critisims are greatly appreciated!

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very rarely do i find people building enough MR for void staff to be necessary. i prefer will of the ancients for the ap and spell vamp

warmogs is a silly, terrible item. spirit visage is cheaper and better in almost every way for vlad.

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Get mejais,leviathan,sorcerer shoes,rylais,zhongyas,abyssal....you end with 500+ ap and 4.3k+ hp...800 damage with q spell spammable every 2 seconds....enough said

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Couple things... there are no Mpen glyphs, I think you mean AP/level... The slow from rylais does stack with his pool (look it up or test it yourself)... and you should ALWAYS pop your E before your Q, because it will increase the hp you regain.

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for further discussion please visit http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=187158 , the updated guide.