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Trundle's Ultimate

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Dark Ajax

Senior Member


trundle, in the right hands, is a beast... and in the wrong hands, literally a troll.

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Queen Sejuani



Basically at max level, he steals 25% of the targets health, armor and magic resist and over the next 6 seconds, the amount is doubled.

Let's say the enemy has 200 armor and MR, if you ult them you get:

25% off 200 is 50, doubled it's 100

Which means, over the next 6 seconds, you will have + 100 Armor and MR ontop of your original resistances, aswell as spellvamping 500 (+0.6 per abillity power and originally it is 250 but since it gets doubled, you get 500) damage.

This is also vague because, the health stolen gets prorated by the enemies resistances, so if the enemy has some MR, he's gonna steal around 300~ health. Nobody cares about the health stolen anyways though because most of the time you are going to initiate with this if you don't have a better initiator.

Nobody plays Trundle because he is heavily team dependant. Which means if your team sucks, you will suck too. Trundle himself is a very solid pick on top AND in the jungle. He is also prone to kiting till he gets his Frozen Mallet.