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3v3 LinkedUpGaming Tournament March 10th

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LUG SlainFox

Senior Member


All Payments should be sent to [email]linkedupgaming@rocketmail.com[/email] through Paypal.

Payment must be due by Thursday March 1st.

Must provide Paypal email that was used to pay for tournament entry. This can be posted in your post or if you don’t want to, it can be sent to [email]linkedupgaming@rocketmail.com[/email]

3v3League of Legends Tournament.

Streamlink: http://www.own3d.tv/LUGSlainFox

Entry fee: $3 per team paid in full.

*If you have paid before the 1st and need to back out – we must be notified by March 2nd. If asked to leave afterwards unless for any other circumstance we will not refund themoney. We recommend that you email us first or find us online in the game.

Date and Time: Week long tournament: March 5-10th.

Brackets posted March 3rd 12 am EST.

Date Rules:

Round1 must be finished by March 6th

Round2 must be finished by March 7th

Round3 must be finished by March 8th

Round4 must be finished by March 9th

The semifinals will be streamed on March 10th, 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

All participants must do the following:

1. Be a member on the website - if not sign up

2. Invite LUG Spartan, LUG Slainfox, LUG Chilly, and LUG Frostleaf

3. Post your team name, your name, and partners name that will be used

Deadlines for proof can be sent in the following ways:

1. To a LUG member

2. Sent to [email]linkedupgaming@gmail.com[/email]

3. Or to contact a LUG member on the website (Perferably LUG SlainFox)

**The responsibility is on you and your team to provide proof of victory/defeat. If this is not handed in by the deadline –both teams are disqualified.**

Submitting Proof:

1. Screen Shot of the Stats Screen

2. Both Teams AGREE to relay information to a LUG moderator (This meansone member form each team)

3. Have a LOL Replay acct (just register for it) and submit. Let a moderator know when it is submitted and that person will review the replay


Setup - Twisted Treeline Tournament Draft Pick. 3 bans per team. Higher seed(lower number out of your bracket) gets blue side(left side in lobby) and alternates betweens matches. For third round those with quickest match win will go on blue side for first ban/first pick.

How to Win: Best of 3 rounds. Defeat enemy Nexus.

Example of what is required for the post




Prizes (Per 64)

1. $90

2. $60

3. $30

Prizes (Per 128)

1. $200

2. $100

3. $50

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LUG SlainFox

Senior Member


Just to clarify we will be giving all the money gained for tournament entrys we will be giving back out. It is $3 Dollars guys come on nothing to lose alot to gain.