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AD Katarina viable? Try this build.

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My first post was before i tried and my second post is after i tried, it was a waste of trying and my second post (after i tried) is how i realy feel about his dumb build.

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the thing is..now katarina's ult scales better with AP and Q E only scales with AP as well
so tell me again..why AD? katarina is not an AD caster
auto attacks? you wont even be going for attack speed, so 1 AA each second..for what

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Katarina simply just doesn't have enough base attack speed or natural tankiness to function as an ad. I agree that she's a good top laner but only if you build tanky ap.

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I think the triple BT build is out of question now. However, I tried AD Kata, against some opponents she can be quite a lane bully, E-AA-W and out does nice damage. As for her ratios, she loses 1.0 AP on Q+E, which is not that big deal, and if she builds some items with good AD (e.g. IE, Maw/Mercurial), she doesn't lose much on W+R. Of course she needs some AS, her base AS is not bad, but she has no AS steroids.

I think one can have fun playing AD Katarina even though it is not a legitimate and competitive build. Against some champions it can succeed, especially if the enemy player is not playing his best (or he's simply bad). She can be built as a bruisery AD and she can split-push rather well and thanks to her huge range E she can escape to the safety of a ward.

As for runes, I'd advise AD marks and AD or AS quints, per-level defenses for the rest. Masteries 21/9/0 basically the same as for AD carry (but with Expose weakness), as for build I am not 100% sure, but I'd advise some crit (IE), AS/lifesteal (BoRK), defensive items (Mallet/Trinity, Atma, Maw/Mercurial), boots for either mag.pen (you still do magic damage) or defense. You should actually be able to win games with her, but it is not a good idea for ranked games, obviously, unless you are pretty sure you can wreck your lane opponent with it.