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My Jehovahs witness friend called me Satan

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Elan Tedronai:
Don't Jehovah's Witnesses kick people out for that kind of behavior?

One problem Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses face is the fact most other Christian denominations do not recognize them as Christians.

Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic all have a mild respect for one another because they are all basically worshipping the same thing.

Mormons decided to claim Jesus was originally a white guy from the United States and then they go on to break one of the biggest taboos in the new book that they added to the bible.

And Jehova's Witnesses... have waffled in their believes more than Mitt Romney has changed his mind since he has started running for election.
They are basically friendly doomsday profits who believe that only a very small portion of people will make into heaven and the unworthy will have their souls destroyed.