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[Guide A Kayle Build]

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nV Apocalypse



I use this build, dont blame me if you tried it and it didnt work out its just a suggestion for a build, even though you might like guinsoos, nashors build, mines is different. I have yet to fail with this build =).

1. Runes - I use Yelllows hp per lvl or mana regen per lvl ur choice, blues ap per lvl, reds ap per lvl , quints ap flat leaving you with 15 starting AP. This is a weird Ruen Page but try it out, you may not like it but this is a suggestion build, its my Build.

2. Masteries - I go 10-0-20 getting the ignite mastery for the 10 AP and mana regen, and cd reduction from both offensive and utility masteries. 3 In AP per lvl 1 crit 4 cd reduct magic pen ignite for offensive and utility health/mana regen 3 points in 1 point in ghost, 4 Awareness, 1 Greed, 3 Points into the mana regen thing, 2 points into the max mana or Decrease Dead Time, Get Quickness the movement speed thing, then max cd reduct in utilities and you should be done with ur Masteries and ready for the Battlefield.

3. The Build - My build with Kayle, I start with Doran's Ring, Needlessly Large Rod, I usually farm up easily because I scare my mid opponent, If you cant get enough money for Needlessly Large Rod, go for 20 SP boots or a blasting wand and boots, thing is you'll have to rush zhonyas. If you did well with mid and arent having problems, I pick up my Needlessly Large Rod and go gank top or bot or mid... You may realize, you are very slow becuz without the boots but you have tons of AP for a start. Ill tell you about the laning phase next this is the build after ur done ganking or something it didnt have to be successful but if it was great! You picked up urself some gold, go get boots or farm mid until you have enough for blasting wand and boots. When you have enough to make ur Zhonyas go home make it, and go around and kick their asses. You might be farming right now or ganking get some gold, pick up Sorcerer Shoes, or Mercury Thread's, depending on their team of course more CC Merc Threads, Sorcerer Shoes for more Burst, you can use any other boots if you want but I recommend these two. Next Item Guinsoos, This is like a must get item on Kayle, You can try getting a mejal too if you'd like but thats greedy and im a greedy 7player so I usually pick up Mejals, whenever I want to. Now that you have ur Guinsoos this is where ur Righteous Fury skill will come to hand which will do tons of damage because of ur Zhonyas and AP Runes. After this get a Will Of The Ancients depending on ur team if you have some casters get it, if not go for Hextech GunBlade, its a really good item but Costy for Kayle, Giving lifesteal, spell vamp, Attack Damage, Ability Power, and the Unique Active doing 300 damage and Slow, this is a late game item, I Doubt you'll get it early unless you totally owned them and fed off of them, Sell ur Doran's Ring Get Whatever you want Armor if they have a melee carry, MR for Caster Carry, and HP just for the survival or more damage if ur greedy =). Sell; ur boots end game 3 Elixirs and rebuy boots =).

4. Laning Phase - Ur at mid lvl 1 Doran's Ring Mana Potion, Righteous Fury as ur first skill, use it last hit the creeps, keep farming ur opponent may get aggresive, you should last hit until lv 3, where you have all ur skills, he will be scared of you because you have heals and good burst for a start, keep farming, getting ur last hits, stay in the laning phase of mid until you have enough for a Needlessly Large Rod or if you are about to die and want to B, dont be like me I have like 200 hp left and I stay because I have Doran's Ring MP Regen and my Runes, so I heal myself up, but you shouldnt make this mistake by being greedy, you have enough gold buy ur 80 AP Rod, go whereever you want, if ur team is having trouble in a lane go gank it and help them out, or go mid and farm more and own. Repeat The Farming and Helping People if they are having trouble thing.

Thanks For Reading My Build Guys, Hope you Like it =).

If you need any help, im here to help ill be reading my replys =).