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Disrupting the Balance (Shen X Akali)

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Chapter 7: A Quest for Information

Shen spent most of the time in recovery thinking about who were the black hooded ones Mordekaiser spoke of. There were many factions that wore hoods to cover their identity and Mordekaiser’s vague description wasn’t helping him at all. Summoners wore hoods, but they were purple robes. Shen figured that in the darkness of Noxus Mordekaiser confused purple with black and thus named his employers the black hooded ones. Though Mordekaiser hated the summoners, he would not bend to their will outside of the fields without an incentive. It was confusing to comprehend how this situation had unfolded.

Akali was out doing business to get her leave from the League. It was then that Shen had an idea. He would go to Mordekaiser and demand more information from him. He needed to know who wanted his child dead. In pain, Shen stood from the bed. He removed his mask revealing a face with a deep scar running across one eye. His hair was almost midnight black and at a medium length. He dressed in casual clothing that wouldn’t give away his identity and strapped on only one Ninjato to his back. Even though he was deadlier with two, he would have to manage with one.

Shen was about to jump out of the window and head out of the institute when he turned back and looked at the empty room. Akali would be worried, but he didn’t want to tell her where he was going lest she’d follow. He sighed deeply and wrote a quick note reading.

”Off to find information, do not follow,”
- Shen

The ninja placed one of his Ninjato next to the note to show it was him that wrote the note. As he hopped up onto the window seal, he took a deep breath before jumping down. As he fell Shen rolled to break the shock of the fall and began his trip to Noxus. No one really paid much attention to him as he left the institute. Without his mask, not many people recognized him, which was good. He slipped through the crowd without notice and made it out of the institute unrecognized.

Shen walked over to one of the carriage drivers and dropped a few coins into the driver’s hand. “To Noxus,” Shen said before hopping onto the carriage. The driver turned a confused look towards Shen.

“Are you sure you want to go there?” The driver asked.

“Yes, I have business there that cannot be ignored,” She replied. The driver shrugged his shoulder before whipping his horses to head for Noxus. As Shen watched the institute disappear he began to think of Akali’s reaction to his sudden absence. She had no reason to worry, even in his injured state Shen was capable of defending himself.


Akali walked into Shen’s quarters, eager to help him with anything he needed. As she entered his room, she found him to be missing, a note lying on the bed with one of his ninjato placed next to it. She read the note and sighed deeply. Picking up his ninjato, she looked at the window he had escaped out of. A spike of worry shot through her but she trusted Shen, she’d known him since they were young and he always managed to come back safely. Hopefully he would come back safe this time also.

Akali looked down at the bed where Shen had been after she left. The League had agreed to grant her leave from any matches until her child was born. It felt almost unreal how she happened to fall into this position. It started as urges and an itch that she could not relieve herself. Slowly her visits to Shen’s quarters turned passionate and now she was having a child. She wanted to regret it all, say that it was all a mistake, but the more she thought about it, the more she disagreed with herself.

She sat down on the bed, unable to think of what to do. Should she follow Shen? He clearly told her not too. She tried to convince herself that Shen was being rash, acting before thinking. But of course, that was not how Shen acted. He was very sure of his actions because of the fact that he gave them so much thought. Just as she was going to give up her decision, she saw Shen’s mask lying on the ground. She lifted it with a grin. “Nice try Shen,” She said to herself. Of course she had seen him without his mask and could ask around for the face she had been so familiar with without risking his identity.

Akali stared at the window long before removing the mast that covered her mouth. She undid her ponytail, letting her hair flow. She tied her Kamas to her back and leapt out of the window Shen did.


The slums of Noxus was a dirty place. The air reeked of death and disease, the floor wet with sewer fluid, the people feeble and frail. Shen felt almost pity for anyone who lived in this place. Anyone who could survive in such a place deserved better. Pity was not Shen’s mission though. He was here to find Mordekaiser, The Master of Metal. He was here to force information from the giant.

As Shen walked through the streets unrecognized by the people, a hand reached out, grabbing his pant leg. The sudden movement made Shen turn to see who had grabbed him. He looked down to see a dying old man. His eyes had a purple lining showing he had not slept in days. His skin was holding onto a very thin, bony frame. His body quaking with both fear and disease. The old man’s pitiful eyes looked up at Shen with desperation.

“Please sir, do you have some water?” The old man asked. His voice was raspy and clearly indicated his throat was dry. Shen shook his head and knelt down before the old man. He stared deep into the old man’s eyes and sighed.

“I do not, I am sorry,” Shen said quietly before standing back up. He had taken only a few steps.

“Liar,” The old man almost shouted. Shen’s footfalls came to an abrupt stop as his mind registered what the feeble old man had just accused him of. “Is water so rare that you cannot donate a small amount?”

Shen turned back towards the old man who was now huddled against the wall in fear of the well defined man standing few feet from him. “I am no liar. If I had any sort of way to help one such as you then I surely would, but pity is not my reason for being here. I am here to find Mordekaiser,” Shen declared. He could see the old man’s eyes widen in shock. As the ninja began walking away again, his steps echoing on the cobblestone ground, he heard the old man cry out.

“Even one as selfish as you should not seek out The Master!!”

Shen merely pushed aside the old man’s word. Another example of Noxian scum. Shen knew Mordekaiser better than anyone in Noxus, he would be safe, or perhaps that’s what he thought. As Shen walked away, he heard steps behind him. When he turned to look, curious faces from all over the slums looked towards him as he headed further down the road.


“So you did see him?” Akali asked one of the people near the carriage station. The man nodded.

“Yes, I heard him tell the carriage driver to go to Noxus, something about business that couldn’t be ignored,” The man replied.

“Thank you sir,” Akali said before departing from his presence. She began walking towards the carriages. Why would he want to go to Noxus? And what business would he be doing up there? She remembered his note. He was looking for information. Information from who though? No Noxian would ever do favors without a price. How much was he actually planning to sacrifice for this information? Many questions.

Before Akali reached the carriages, she realized the sun was setting. Darkness was soon to cover Valoran and Noxus was not a safe place at night. It was then that dilemma made itself known in Akali’s mind. Shen was in Noxus alone, surely he would be attacked by cut throats, thugs, and common criminals. She wanted to go to Noxus, make sure he was safe. She placed her hands on her stomach and took a deep breath. No, she wouldn’t risk the life of her child. It hurt her to have to abandon Shen, but she couldn’t bring herself to follow him with a child on the way.

She watched the moon alight the sky with its glow and soon the stars began to come on like lights. It was a beautiful night. Ironic really that Shen would be in such a dangerous place for such a beautiful night. Akali made it back to her room and laid down on the bed, praying that Shen would return to her safely.


The streets cleared almost instantly after the darkness descended. Shen could see a few windows throwing light out into the streets. Pubs in slums were common since the constant scum of Noxus were great consumers of alcohol.

The unsheathing of a blade caught Shen’s attention as he walked. In the corner of his eye he saw the gleaming of a blade. Turning to face the source of the sound, he saw a face that was all too familiar to him. Talon stood in an alleyway staring at him. The many blades he wore all gleaming.

“Talon,” Shen said quietly as he slowly gripped the handle of his ninjato.

“Hmmm…It looks like another body for the gutter,” Talon replied and held his blade upwards. The two stared at each other for what seemed like eternity before they both heard the heavy foot falls coming from a giant silhouette nearby.

Author's Note: FINALLY!! God guys I've been so busy lately getting ready for Prom that I spent all night trying to finish this chapter. I originally wasn't going to go to prom, but my friend spent a good amount of money on a dress for herself and her date wasn't going to go so I filled it. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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I like how you had Akali hang back instead of going and causing drama (like in most stories). Can't wait for the next chapter, and, have fun at prom!

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btw i never tried to imagine shen in casual outfit and without his mask so now in my mind he looks like ezio auditore from assassins creed xD

have fun at prom!

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The last Troll

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It's good (in other words, bump)

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Where's Kennen? He's always missing from the scene. I know he's not the protagonist, but at least he got some role in the first few chapters. Now he's all gone
Btw nice chapter, like that Akali stayed at home in the end.

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Whoa, this story is so good. I'm really hoping for fights and appearances by more characters. It would be pretty epic if this one little issue started up a big conflict between a bunch of League characters. Anyway, looking forward to more!

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I have the story favorited on my comp and phone <3

I honestly never expected Mordekaiser to be a good guy, I cried though when Shen was telling Mordle (as the amazing! Shaco says) how love isnt over rated.

An amazing writer and someone I definitely look up to for writing skill

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Where have you gone Zombie?

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O more more shen and akali stories.

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bump(yet again)