Twisted Treeline Meta

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non ranked meta for high end

Jungle Lee Sin + anything

Low end meta
Run bottom bush solo and die and complain ur teamates told u to retreat isntead of rushing. no jungler and yelling at teammate who try to jungle then feeding going 0/9 and blaming it on the jungler who did great and building **** things like spell vamp shaco for top lane or an Ninja tabi against 3 ap or Merc against 3 ad non ccers or IE + Thornmail on volibear and saying you don't need warmogs.

To win low end its not how good you are its who's feeder is worse.

Ranked meta
Jungler (lee/shyvana/shaco) + AD carry/Tanky DPS (Sion is good here) + AP carry .(Morgana is a great pick)
This is the absolute truth, down to the T