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A Mercenary's Love [Shyvana X Jax]

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Here, you can have this. *Hands Wex keys to Riven's room*

Wait, whoops, wrong one. *Snatches back Riven's room keys and drops Taric's in instead*

Why would you have Taric's key? =P

I mean I can see Riven, everyone has her key.

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Ladies, you can keep your shirts on. Here's the next bit.

Part 2: Dinner and a Show

Jax’s heart was warmed by Shyvana’s reply. True, she thought it was mildly sketchy that he wanted her in his home after the first date, but he didn’t mind. She was a woman worth waiting for.

Standing up, Jax undressed from his work in the League, hanging the purple and pink robes in the closet. He quickly replaced them with a white cotton shirt that left his forearms bare and a pair of black flannel trousers. As always, he kept his mask on, though he undid his hand bindings, flexing his long fingers once they were off.

He had informed Shyvana of the meal he was planning on cooking, and he did not intend to disappoint. Jax had usually only cooked for himself before, so there was quite a bit of pressure. He reached into the icebox that he kept in his kitchen and removed a pork loin, setting it in a basin of water to thaw.

Continuing his preparations, he readied a basket of vegetables –potatoes, squash, zucchini, and onions- for cooking, taking a large knife out of the knife block he kept in the kitchen and slicing them in various shapes. The potatoes were cut into chunks, small enough that you could get two onto a fork at a time, while the onions were cut lengthwise into thick discs. The squash and zucchini were cut the same, lengthwise down the middle and then in half.

Removing a large wooden bowl from a high-up cabinet, he set to melting some butter in a pot over a wood fire. Once the stick of yellow dairy was a puddle of deliciousness, he tossed in rosemary, a pinch of salt, and some oregano, mixing it all in before tossing in the potatoes.

As he coated the potato chunks in the buttery concoction by moving the bowl in a circular motion, there came a knock at the door. Setting the wooden bowl down, Jax wiped his hands on a towel before answering, and saw whom he expected.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Shyvana,” he said, smiling behind the mask, “why don’t you come in?”

As she walked through the door, they looked each other up and down. She was wearing a jacket to fend off the cold, but wore a simple pair of trousers and a red cotton blouse underneath. Her hair hung free around her shoulders, the red strands seeming to float with a certain majesty, dark against the bright top she wore.

“The mask is out of place,” she said, “Especially in your own home.”

At this, the former mercenary shrugged. “It’s just habit now,” he responded, running a hand through the black hair that topped his head, “I suppose that you’re going to think it’s awkward.”

Shyvana nodded slowly, responding, “I won’t ask you to take it off, though.”

Jax held up his hands in response, saying, “No, no. I’ll do it. I’ll just make a point to close all the shutters in case the Journal of Justice comes by looking for a juicy story.”

The half-dragon looked at him in mild shock, “Are you sure? I don’t know if anyone knows what your face looks like.”

“Sivir does,” the grandmaster said, reaching behind his head to undo the pieces of cloth that held the mask to his face.

When he removed the mask, Shyvana stared in mild surprise, “You’re a lot younger than I expected,” she said.

The grandmaster shrugged and took a towel from the apron he had been wearing in the kitchen to wipe his face down, rubbing his nose so it would cease being flattened against his face. Underneath the mask, his face was well defined, with a square jaw, a hawk-like nose, and patches of grey at his temples. Grey eyes looked out, betraying a spirit much older than his face belied, and a black beard lined the edge of his jaw.

Jax set the mask down on a table by the door and tucked the towel back into his belt, “I hope that this doesn’t put you off your appetite,” he said, his voice ringing much louder now that it wasn’t muffled by the wooden mask.

Shyvana shook her head, trying to shake off the shock. He didn’t look as old as she expected, yet he didn’t quite look young either. He looked more… ageless. His face betrayed wisdom that would normally be hidden under a mass of wrinkles, yet didn’t have a single crease in it, save for the crow’s feet around his eyes that people normally obtained from laughing too often.

He wasn’t horrid looking, but was, in fact, a bit handsome. Why did he hide his face behind a mask so often?

Jax grinned at her and walked back into the kitchen, “Dinner should be ready in about a half an hour. I was actually expecting you to show up a little bit later.”

“I considered it, but I didn’t exactly have any pressing matters to attend to,” Shyvana replied, taking her coat off and hanging it on a peg on the wall.

“Well, if you’d like, you can come in and help cook,” Jax said, finishing preparing the potatoes and moving to ready the meat.

Shyvana walked into the kitchen behind him and watched as he worked, feeling kind of useless as he rushed through the kitchen. The grandmaster barely noticed as he ran to and fro, arranging vegetables on a tray and rubbing spices into the meat. Exasperated, she said, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Jax laughed and said, “If you’d like to put on some tea, that would be perfectly fine. Tea is in the cabinet over the icebox, kettle is right next to the fireplace. I trust you to make a good choice,” at the last statement, he finished with the pork and put it in the woodfire oven on a metal tray.

Happy that she had something to do, Shyvana opened the cabinet and looked through the tea selection, neatly written labels on tin jars dictating the region of Valoran that the tea was from. Pushing aside the tins labeled “Zaun” or “Noxus”, she found a little jar in the back of the cabinet labeled “Bandle City Grey”.

Opening the tin, she took a smell, smiling as the earthy, flowery scent wafted into her nose, putting the kettle on to boil. As the water heated, she tapped the dried tea leaves out into a small wire basket that would nestle perfectly in the top of the kettle, shaking it gently so the leaves were lightly compacted in the bottom of the basket.

As she finished readying the tea leaves, Jax had just tucked the vegetables and potatoes into the oven. He walked over and gave her a hug, his arms wrapping around her waist, the warmth from the oven mixing with the warmth of Shyvana’s blood as she returned the embrace, her arms wrapping around his broad back, resting her head on his shoulder.

Jax pulled away and smiled at her, “Thank you.”

“For what?” she replied, moderately confused.

“For joining me, for giving me a chance,” he said, “For agreeing to join me for dinner on Valentine’s Day, despite the fact that we have only been on one date.”

Shyvana chuckled, “You’re getting all mushy, Grandmaster. How long until dinner’s ready?”

Jax looked over to the oven, wiping his hands on his apron, “About fifteen minutes,” he said, looking out the window, “Just on time.”

“Just on time for what?” Shyvana asked. The cook was mildly aggravating her, but she was quick to anger, even with the Ionian meditation training.

“The sunset,” Jax said, smiling, “I have a rather nice view from my backyard.”

“Oh, no,” Shyvana said, holding up a finger and laughing, “You, sir, are moving far too fast for my liking. I was hesitant to accept a second date, especially in this place on this day. We’re not going to sit on your back porch, sipping tea and watching the sunset.”

“Ah,” the burly warrior said, “My apologies. It’s just something I sometimes do on my own.” Looking slightly dejected, hiding it well, Jax went over to the kettle and began to lift it out of the fireplace, the towel from his apron insulating his hand from the hot handle.

Setting it on the counter, Jax took the basket of tea leaves and opened the kettle, setting the leaves to steep. As the tea brewed, he removed honey from a cabinet and cream from the icebox. As he set everything up, Shyvana poured tea into two cups, steam rising up off of the hot liquid, warming the room even more.

They each drank and talked, mostly about cooking and food. Jax had taken it up as a hobby so he could better cook the things he had caught, whereas Shyvana had this odd tendency to burn whatever she tried her hand at.

Soon, that delicious smell of cooked meat wafted out from the woodfire oven, and Jax put on a set of oven mitts to remove the food. Vegetables, potatoes, and meat all sizzled on their platters, and the Grandmaster at Arms had a moment of pride.

“Shyvana, would you mind getting some plates from that top cabinet over there?” He asked, pointing with one hand after he had removed the mitt.

The half-dragon nodded and took down two wide plates while Jax carved the pork, setting three steaming pieces on each plate along with a healthy serving of veggies and potatoes. He took the plates in hand and made a motion with his head for Shyvana to follow him.

He led her into the dining room, where a modest table sat with two place settings. In an act of chivalry, the Grandmaster pulled a chair out for her with a flick of his foot, pushing it back in just as easily once she had sat down. Placing one plate in front of her and another at his setting, they sat and ate.

The food was excellent for such excellent company. They laughed, ate, and talked throughout the evening, and so the night went on.

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Now I'm hungry. =*(

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Why would you have Taric's key? =P

I mean I can see Riven, everyone has her key.

They appeared in my mailbox, and I've been trying to get rid of them for AGES. Please...throw them quick.

I still have use for Riven's key, though...

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Om nom nom...

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Lolz i couldnt keep my top on sorry. jk jk but yet again this is awesome!!!!!! :3 i look forward to finishing the comic for it. :3

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I am hungry, very hungry, and it is all your fault D8

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*Looks at Taric's key, then looks at the new chapter*

Cameo or this gets thrown. Maybe at you, maybe at Jayko. I'll decide.

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Ask Talon



Me gusta

I agree with this man / woman / thing

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Finally got around to writing this.

Part 3: Dragonslayer?

It had been a week since Valentine’s day, since Jax and Shyvana had enjoyed dinner together in his home, since he had shown her his face.

Was it such a wise thing to do?

The Grandmaster spun the lamppost in his hands, through an attack and block pattern that he had learned from his master all those years ago. Sighing, he remembered those good years, when he wore no mask and kept no secrets.

But, that was in the past. It was a matter of necessity, a matter of image, now. He had to do it for the League. Jax set the lamppost aside as a knock came at the door, and he adjusted the mask on his face to make sure it hid everything.

Opening the door revealed the postman, who handed the Champ his mail with a look of shock on his face, one that most likely did not fade until long after the door closed. Flipping through the letters, a grin worked its way onto his face as he found a letter from Shyvana.

As he thought about that smile, which only grew as he opened and read the letter, he thought about it. Shyvana had changed his life so much so soon, yet he did not know why. She was passionate, strong-willed, beautiful, true. But if that was all that it took to snare his heart, then he would still be with Sivir.

Pushing those thoughts away, he set the letter aside and let out a barking laugh. He now had an excuse to get out of the house. Running upstairs, whistling to himself, he took off his mask and set it aside on his bathroom’s counter. Such was the first stage of his undress before he stepped into the shower and sang as he cleaned himself.

Walking down the hall, a towel held around his waist, Jax continued to whistle as he opened his wardrobe and removed a variation of his normal robes: sky blue with gold trim. An outfit worthy of the Demacian barracks.

Donning the baggy robes, The Grandmaster at Arms lifted the battered and bent lamppost off the wall, then made a “tsk” noise. The weapon was his trademark, but it would be less than wise to go out and dent the thing even more off the Fields of Justice.

Instead, he went downstairs to his training room and took a quarterstaff off the wall, skimming over an axe, maces, flails, and even a greatsword that Garen would struggle to lift. Spinning the staff about a few times, he grunted in satisfaction and set off for the Demacian Barracks.

The barracks weren’t so much a building. How could they be, in such a military-oriented state? Instead, they were a series of buildings and fields that covered about twenty city blocks. Jax had to make his name and intentions known before the guards would even let him inside, and even had to ask for directions.

Even getting to the training yard where Shyvana said she would be took him fifteen minutes, not because he got lost, but simply due to the fact that it was so far out of the way. When he finally did get there, he was glad that he came.

She was beautiful. Shyvana stood there in her platemail, the sun glinting off of it and fragmenting into a thousand sparkles and shines. She turned to meet the Grandmaster, her mane of red hair flowing as if an extension of her body.

“Good to see you here,” she said, greeting him cordially, “I suppose it’s safe to assume you got my letter?”

“And I was glad to get it,” the burly ex-mercenary replied, “So you want to spar with me?”

A wicked grin split her face, “Of course. You have proven prowess with a knife and frying pan, so why not on the battlefield?”

“You have fought with and against me several times,” Jax replied, “Isn’t that enough?”

“Oh, is that a lack of will to fight I hear?”

“No, just a lack of desire to harm you,” the Grandmaster said honestly.

“Well… How about this,” Shyvana said, pausing for a moment to think, “we put a wager on it. Loser buys dinner next time.”

“But I don’t want to wind up harming you,” Jax said in protest, though any further complaints were silenced by a gauntleted hand.

“We have healers here. We can go at this for hours on end.”

Now it was Jax’s turn to grin, though Shyvana couldn’t see it, “In that case, let us begin.”

And so Round One began.

Jax raised his staff, pointing one metal-capped end at the half-dragon and began circling, his tabi-clad feet moving in careful steps, as if the very ground might erupt beneath him.

Shyvana moved so the ex-mercenary was still in her line of sight, assuming a pose she had learned from a martial artist in Ionia, one of the masters who helped her learn to control her emotions, and made the first move. A shift forward, thrusting both arms out so the gauntlets met to become a dragon’s head, she shouted, sending a wave of flame down her arms to gush out at the Grandmaster at Arms.

Needless to say, he easily evaded it, stepping aside and batting at the gout of flame with the staff to turn it away from him further. The staff was well made, and fire wouldn’t harm it too much, but he didn’t want to deal with it any more than necessary. In response, Jax began to sprint the thirty feet to close the gap between himself and Shyvana, preparing his staff for a strike that would normally be performed by a spear.

In the strike came, a powerful and quick thrust that caused Shyvana to use every muscle in her body to avoid, her upper body twisting like a snake around the staff to strike out at the Grandmaster with one of the blades on her gauntlets. A strike that Jax only managed to block in the nick of time by bringing the butt end of the staff up to deflect it just past his head.

Jumping back, the Grandmaster prepared for another attack, his staff spinning through some of the dozens of forms he had learned over the years, before coming in for a jabbing strike at Shyvana’s abdomen.

The blow connected and she staggered back, a ring of fire swirling around her as she began her counterattack.

Wood and metal clashed several times in mere seconds, the speed of the combatants and the flow of their motions drawing attention from nearby soldiers.

Private, First Class, Arcturus Palmer stopped fighting his Sergeant, Sergio Menzo, and began looking over. “Are those who I think they are?”

Menzo turned and stared in response, his eyes opening wide, “By Jarvan, it is!” he shouted, turning to his other men, “Soldiers! Gather ‘round and watch! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

The two Champions never stopped, even as Menzo’s squad, among others, began to watch. Some of the soldiers cheered, some placed bets, some watched in slack-jawed awe, but neither Shyvana nor Jax dared to stop. The battle was in full swing now.

Shyvana moved like a dancer, twisting and turning, using every muscle in her body and every bit of her draconic strength to keep the Grandmaster from striking her further. Oddly enough, Jax was not using all of his power, since he knew Shyvana was holding back.

In between strikes, the Grandmaster said, “You’re holding back. Use all your power, not just what you want to use.”

Shyvana’s response was a wicked grin as her transformation began. The wings came out first as she launched herself at Jax, gaining momentum and mass as she did so. Menzo and Palmer stood on the sidelines, watching in shock as Shyvana transformed, crashed into Jax and knocked him on his back.

Not one to let a simple dragon stop him, Jax rolled with the momentum that knocked him down and brought himself back to his feet, further using the momentum to spring himself onto the staff and up into the air, striking the flying dragon across the belly.

Shyvana let out a roar of pain and irritation, the bestial side of her taking over more, now, and knocked Jax back to earth with but a flick of her tail and let loose a long tongue of flame at him. Rolling with the blow as before, Jax got back to his feet, then threw himself back as the flames scorched the earth beneath him.

Jax dodged the flames around him for the next five minutes, taunting the dragon aspect that was most assuredly in control in order to get it to come down to his level. When his normal taunts like “Your mother was a hamster”, and “I fart in your general direction” did not work, he had to resort to something more hurtful.

“Your father was no wyrm! He was a WORM!”

He could feel the rage from the ground.

Shyvana dove in roaring, gouts of flame coming in to strike at the Grandmaster at Arms, yet when the flames cleared, Jax stood there, his staff spinning, his clothes barely singed. “You play with fire…” he said as the transformed lady came within range, then brought his staff down to strike where her temple would normally be with enough force to crack her scales, “You get burned!”

The transformed dragon crashed to the ground, and Jax had to jump in order to avoid being crushed. He stared in shock for a moment as she slowly began to change back to human form and shouted for a medic.

By the time the healer arrived, Shyvana was in her normal state, and the healer was able to revive her with just a whiff of smellingsalts.

She jolted back into our world from the dream she was in and winced as her head throbbed in pain. Looking up at Jax, her face contorted in rage and she made to slap him. However, she moved too slow and the Grandmaster caught her hand with his.

“I had to get you down somehow,” he said, the smirk on his face coming through to his voice, “I’m just sorry that I had to resort to such means in order to get you down.

Shyvana’s face immediately softened, and she instead grabbed his wrist to pull herself up, her head still reeling from the Grandmaster’s blow. “Well, it worked, didn’t it?” she asked, “Besides, you fought well. I’m just surprised you didn’t jump up to strike at me.”

“I can’t reach that high, I’m afraid,” he said, grinning, “but I suppose you owe me dinner next time.”

“I will concede that,” Shyvana said, “But you owe me something for your insults towards my father.”

“Hm…” the warrior mused, “I think I have something in mind…”


“This,” was his only response as Jax pulled up his mask with one hand and used the quarterstaff to pull Shyvana in for a deep kiss. The poor medic that stood by took a few steps back, feeling rather uncomfortable, while Menzo, Palmer, and all the other soldiers on the sidelines cheered.

When they finally broke away from each other, Shyvana looked at Jax as he smiled and pulled the mask back down in front of his face and responded, “I think that will suffice. Now ready yourself!”

And so began Round Two.