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Long Range AP Champs

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Hi, I want to learn a new AP champion but I am not sure which one(s) I should buy. The only champ I have played on a consistent basis that is AP is Gragas. I have played Ryze as well but I didn't really like him. I love playing Gragas because he is really easy to farm with, has awesome long range abilities, and I like having the pressure of making a skillshot with my ulti and Q abilities(miss them and lose a team fight, hit them well and get 4 kills/assists no problem). So I am wondering what other AP champions I should try. The most important thing for me is ability range because I love to be a glass nuke at the back(my Gragas build finishes with over 700AP). Second most important thing is good farming ability.

So please let me know people what AP champion do you recommend I buy?

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Well, there is Xerath...
Can use his siege mode quite often to farm from a distance. Skillshots up da .....ya.

Ziggs has some pretty long ability distances, especially with his bouncing bomb. Plus dat ult... Bombs are skill shots, with a bounce-house style of challenge.

AP Kogmaw is fun for the artillery minigame. Plus his auto attack range can be drastically increased with a button push. Farm 5ever.

Malzahar is an excellent pusher and one of my favorites. You can farm mid while also farming other lanes due to your malefic visions (e) chaining from one minion to another in the waves. Plus each death restores mana. By late game your skillshot q insta-clears. You can push waves WHILE you're back though much like...

Heimerdinger, who uses turrets to continually farm while b. Throw in some rockets and a grenade and booya, fun times. grenade is a skill shot.

For a "safe" bet though, Morgana has some of the safest farm in the game due to her black shield and spellvamp. She's often banned in ranked, however.

Me personally? My favorite AP mid after Malzahar (who is sadly countered by a single item... QSS) is Ryze. I like the style difference, myself.

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Lux is Ap/Support. She's not as "easy" as most of the above champions, but really if you're looking for easy I feel like you will not be long for this game. Tristana has fairly short range early, but by level 11 her AA is closest to the longest, and by 18 she's far outranging everyone. Karthus and Kassodin are also beastly long range, but take some skill to play as well.

Here's my suggestion: Play as many free champs as you can and get a feel for all of them. This not only allows you to learn what champions you might like, but you will also know what they can do to you.