Playing as Fizz mid

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Play Talon! He is much more bossy and fun.

Also his harass is amazing, ranged and takes only mana and CD for 1 spell.

Fizz's best nuke, on the other hand, is also his escape mechanism. So when you are harassing, you will be using his best nuke to run back and will be using 2-3 spells instead of 1 to harass.

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Originally Posted by LoRdJuGgErNaUtX View Post
imho i love it when i go mid as ryze/brand/ziggs/malzahar/viktor/twisted fate against fizz because i have yet to go against a good one. so maybe i am ignorant in saying that i dont think fizz is a very good mid.

now dont get me wrong im not hatin. im actually lookin at buying fizz right now so im really interested in this thread. to all you fizz pro's out there, is he a good mid? what do you guys do to make him a viable mid?
i am really good with fizz,if you want play with me on eune and i can show you a little bit.and btw you cant fail a towerdive with him at lvl 3 and higher.use W and Q to kill him at the turret then E to get away,if done correct u wont take any damage from the turret and get a kill.