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Playing as Fizz mid

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IMO, having fizz as my main charecter, so far, the only people that fizz isnt good aganst is ahri and tristana. Ahri has the healing skill which is the exact counter of my fizz and tristana has her jump much like fizz. the way i play fizz is wait till lvl 4 when i have two points on W and attack mid.(this is when your IQ is tested) E whenever you see they are about to cast their spell. Most of the time i lane with people who get doran ring 1st, thats the best because they cant heal my harass. after i harrass they will usually have 60% and will stay in lane till 6. At 6, i throw ulti and combo and usually land 1st blood, and start out great.

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i normally take boots and health pots when i go mid. If im against a range character i show my dominance by using W, hit them with Q, then E away. It gets them back and you can farm up a little more. If you really want to, you can take heal for a spell and it would be easier to farm IMO.

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when you say you dont have problems dodging their skill shots are you talking about only with p/t? or by just dodging regular? if you can dodge champs like brand's skill shots by just running and avoiding them, then they cannot zone you, them zoning you is a result of you having to stay out of range of their spells

if you can dodge them, do so, attack, and depending on your health either use playful for a bit more damage + slow to run away, or trickster back

very key thing is if they're starting with health pots, as soon as they use one, run in and hit them with your activated w to reduce the healing they get, even if you take some damage you should come out ahead on the trade cause you should get full healing effects of your health pot compared to them getting only partial

its also very important to have map awareness by either warding or simply knowing where their jungler is to avoid ganks and be able to use your playful to do damage more often and not always needing to use it to escape

and really all you need to be doing is chipping away at health until you hit 6 and can full combo them, or remember to click on them and see how many hps they have and check how much your ignite will do, early game people will feel very safe when down to 300 of 500 hps, until you combo them for 200 then ignite for 110 and kill them

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Playing fizz mid is a really interesting lane. I always feel like I am learning more about mage combo's ( knowing which spells are most important to block). The trick to playing any high damage squishy mage is to like someone else said, make them fear your damage. The trick to zoning someone is making it so that its not safe to come in range of the creeps. You cant play passive as fizz mid, which makes it challenging, but a few lvl 2 pokes will set the enemy back very far and will deter them from approaching you past lvl 4 at risk of being dropped to very low health.

In my perspective, never use his e offensively unless you absolutely have to to get a kill. More often than not, you can simply wait for an opportune time to get them with your q+w+r. You need to ward properly also, if you use his E offensively and you didn't completely blow up the enemy mid and thier jungler comes out: your ****ed. Its the same concept as using ezreal's flash. Using it offensively is very dangerous.

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I played fizz befor all his nerf's and after,
i find his early game presence has been impacted alot since the nerf:
post nerf fizz is a totally diffrent ball game then what he was befor: he is lacking what alot of other ap carries bring to the table.

the biggest draw back to playing fizz in mid is the fact he is a melee champ with one sure escape and a postional escape via dash: all that have a relativly high cooldown.

his biggest advantage is his trickers being able to leap over incoming disables and ganks and get away. {learing when to use it is fickle art in its self.}

Becaue of this draw back vrs ranged ap champs fizz has a harder time maintining last hits and often becomes zoned easily.

there is two ways to compensate for this.{not including being babysat by a jungler with ganks}

1: be over agressive and try to force the opposition to play defensivly that way you can farm easily.{and risk being ganked}

2: play more cautiously and not over extend having your minons pushed towards your own tower for esier farming via assitance from tower. {allows for easier ganks/help}

i let the first way push my minons into my tower and last hit from their: {timing attacks between tower hits}

from here i still maintain exp and more cs then i would get being away from the tower.

{plus it has the advantage of being able to control a zone wiht QWE the enmery back further and stay close to the towe. {harrsing with 2 escapes}

fizz is ineffective at dealing significant damge until lvl 4+, for me i focus on leveling trickester first to lower its cooldown timer scaling its splash and slow {use this for tower farming adn avoiding skill shots}

fizz burst damage is based on dot events & singular burst retreat tactics is your best friend for him, WQ into targets and trickerster out, going for lane dominace after lvl 6 with his ult being an intatior or finisher.

fizz has advantages vrs champs with alot of build in regneration effects or relies on them: warwick,mundo,sion,swain, kennen,mordekiser.

as he has a built in grevious wound that reduces all healing effects by 50%

fizz is most effective burst is based on damage they have already taken for that reason i tend to run

deathfire grasp {which also helps for early game farming via gold/10 from kages lucky pick}

you can use it as an intation on any champ, and combo them down and have your dot finish them off as you escape.

items i run on fizz:

lich's bane
sorcerer's shoes or boots of lucidiy
Deathfire grasp
rabadon's deathcap
zoran's hourglass
abyssal sceptor or void staff

generally my skill lvling for him is

WEEQWR then max E->W->R->Q

for runes i run
cdr flat glyps,
armour or mana reg/lvl seals, [depending on who im facing]
flat ap quins,
magic pen marks.

fizz scales really well of ap, starting items i go with doran's rings for mana regen and health for longer laning playing defensivly with less reliable farm unitl post lvl 4
boots + heal/mana pots for agro lane

general build order is to rush death cap ->lichs bane with early pick and sorcer's shoes.
rounding out the build with defensive itms for survivablity.

but this is my 2cents on this tricky champ, take it as you want and don get fizzed out early he takes a little while to get used to playing him as a counter aggresser.

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I agree with some of the above posters; you should be starting boots + 3 hp pots. I love Fizz mid, but it honestly takes a lot of patience. He is a very mana hungry champ early game, so even though I take his E at level 1 (max'd last), I try my best not to use it unless I have blue or need to escape/land a kill.

When starting at mid, just try to last hit while staying out of harass range (passive allows you to weave in and out of minions), and let them push to your tower -- let them think you're helpless). At level 3, when I have q+w+e, I start to harass a lot more, but still stay careful. Try and get a blue or even get some mana pots. With casters it's best (imo) to dash in with your q+w combo (make sure to get some auto attacks with your w if you can), and dash out with e (which is optional depending on your mana situation, since it is a very mana hungry spell). Try to have them sitting around -50% health when you hit 6. When they're pushed a little to far, hit them with your ult, q+w+e and an ignite if needed.

tl;dr play fizz very carefully for the first couple levels, make them think they're winning. Work your way into harassing a little bit with q+w, and try to land a kill around 6.

Another thing is you could try running flash on fizz (not sure if you already are), even though a lot of Fizz players will disagree. It allows you to play a lot more agressive as a mid-fizz, since you'll survive most ganks no matter how pushed you are (e+flash combo)

EDIT: Forgot to mention, try grabbing Catalyst as your first item when you get back (Catylst -> Sheen -> RoA -> LichB), it gives a lot of lane sustain which I find I need a lot on Fizz. Not saying it's the best build, but it is what personally works best for me.

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Poptart Master

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Fizz is one of my favorite mages and, while I have only recently started midding with Fizz frequently, I find his midding skills very good. His biggest issue is that he really isn't going to be doing a ton of damage to the enemy mid (and getting away with it) until level 3 or 4. Playful/Trickster has great damage but you really wanna save it for jumping out of the way of abilities or ganks. At level 6, Mid Fizz really shines. With Flash/Ignite you can easily burst down an enemy champ by Playful/Trickster'ing onto them, activating his W, Urchin Striking them as they (inevitably) run, and tossing out Chum the Waters to slow them so you can auto-attack with his W. Should they somehow be alive, Ignite finishes them off almost every time. Also, I really like Mejai's on Mid Fizz. I don't know why since I usually think it's too risky but I've yet to have a bad game with Mejai's on Mid Fizz.

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Tasty Togepi

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Fizz must be played aggressive from lv 3 on. You can use the W, Q, E combo to burst down champions that go up for last hits. More often than not, you will win the exchange. I think a key part of playing fizz is knowing when to P/T. P/T is very mana hungry and consumes 90 mana at lv 1. You should attempt to dodge skillshots without P/T since it will consume a large amount of your mana. Fizz is an amazing AP mid champ that is underestimated and underplayed. He can counter so many ap mid champions that cannot do anything once you get in their face.

I usually start with Dorans Ring which allows me to constantly harass the enemy. I usually stack 2 Dorans Rings. Believe me it makes a difference.

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Lord of Sweat



Against Brand I've always struggled as Fizz, same applies for Ryze. Their missile speeds regardless of being skillshots or not are too high and the reaction time you need for a Fizz player in that situation is ridiculously high. I find it easy to lane against Karthus because of his poor harassing ability and squishiness. All mage champs apart from Brand and Ryze I beat with Fizz too easily. Truth be told ban these guys because they are anyways strong and powerful. The only problem with Fizz against these champs would be the high mana cost on his Playful/Trickster so it is more suited to take the harass if you know you can't risk it and save the E for a gank escape or to dodge major skillshots such as Varus ultimates and lux lasers. All in all Fizz is the best mage counter out there in LoL I can think of.

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Fizz is my main (anytime I see a thread about Fizz I enter it and usually comment), I've made many comments on championselect.net about Fizz, and many comments here. Not to say I'm a pro Fizz player, but I do play him better than most, in my experience.

TL;DR: Fizz is about punishment. Punish them for trying to harass you, and you'll win most trades (Even against he "godlike" Ryze that every freaks out about - especially once you get Sheen. Any champ that sits there and tries to trade blows with you in their face will lose. If they are poking you from afar (as many Ryze's will do), then you have a problem and may need jungler help). Using your mobility (walking through minions), force them to push your lane (if you are having trouble), wasting their mana, as you farm exceptionally well under the tower, where they can't really reach you. When they run out of mana, go for the kill and keep them zoned out, freezing the lane just short of your tower if you can, so they are pushed and still not getting cs.

The key to playing with Fizz is understanding your opponent. Both their character and the actual person playing them. At level two throw in a quick QW and harass. If they run away, you know they don't want to trade blows with you, and you will automatically win your lane. If they stand and fight, you've got to know if you'll get outbursted. Many champs that can outburst Fizz (Brand, Ahri, Mordekaiser, etc.) are also champs that push the lane. With the exception of Mordekaiser, these guys use a lot of mana to do so, so just play passive, grabbing cs when you can, until they run out of mana, and punish them heavily for trying to push your lane when they do. Fizz is one of the few mids that can farm under his tower - grabbing all 6 minions frequently - without using much mana. His W, especially when leveled, usually will tick off that last bit of health before the tower hits it again, and if the minion got hit by your minions and the health is off for you to kill them, you activate W and do hefty damage to it, you also can use Q to get two minions at low health. Let them push you, you farm fine under the tower where they can't get to you.

The key to playing Fizz is punishment. I don't have the link, but some guy showed a video of him laning against several different opponents on mid, and the one I remember the most was Kassadin. He basically said "every time you see his silence coming for you, punish him for trying to use it, by QWing right into his face, you'll win the trade every time." What makes Fizz such a powerful mid is he doesn't rely wholly on his skills to do damage, like Ryze or Ahri, he can instead activate W and sit there and punish them for an extended amount of time, without using much mana. 100ish mana per trade is fantastic for the amount of damage he puts out, then if you see you've overextended and the jungler is coming for you, simply run to your tower until he's almost on top of you, E away, and flash if you need to. Fizz is the hardest mid to gank, he can comfortably follow his opponent to the tower and still know that he's not overextended.

I have never been beaten by a Brand, Ahri, Kassadin, Morgana, Karthus, or Anivia in mid. In fact he counters every single one of them, because he can punish them, they have no hard CC with the exception of Morgana (and Brand/Anivia situationally, but Fizz is so all over the place that landing it is difficult for them), and she simply can't keep him still long enough for her skill combo to do much damage. Someone like Ryze and Lux DO have hard CC that works well into their combo against Fizz, and these matchups are much more in the air. I have been beaten by a few Lux's and many a Ryze. Mordekaiser is also another that is a little tougher if you don't know how to play against him, but again, let him push, farm under the tower, and then harass him when he isn't close to your minions.

As others have said, Fizz is an aggressive mid champ, to play him passively is to play against his strengths, because he can't farm if he hasn't established dominance. If you are getting beaten by the above champs, it is because you aren't punishing them for trying to harass you.

To whoever said Fizz can't fight until level 2 - who can? Nobody has the skillset to fight until they have at least two abilities, in fact most require all three, Fizz needs only his QW to start wrecking people early on, as in the early levels DPS is what's doing the most damage, not skills (most skills are high CD, low damage), and Fizz excels at both DPS and burst damage, which is what makes him both a viable top and a viable mid.

In mid you should never start with Doran's ring on any champ. Ever. Pots and boots give you so much more sustain than the measly 15 AP and slight mana regen plus the (nerfed) 80 health (450 extra health from 3 pots or 80 from Doran's?). Once you go 'b' the first time, grab a Doran's or two if you need them, but don't get them to begin with, especially with Fizz, because you play Fizz to trade blows, because he can win trades against most mids, so you'll need the extra health pots provide. If you see your mid opponent has Doran's, don't be afraid to lose more health than them and back off, they can't heal their health, you can, and you will eventually force them to go back to base before you - or get a kill.