a group of people to just play LoL with (tips would be appreciated)

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I just hit lvl 30 on LoL and I am tryna prepare for ranked game, I dont wanna solo que and i play with my bro who has just about an even 999 elo i dont really wanna start ranked without a ranked team but I dont wanna just add random people and start playing with them on ranked, I wanna get used to their playstyle and all that so that we can form at least a decent team so im looking for some people to play with on a somewhat regular basis.

Im a decent adc or assasin, maybe sometimes an ok support.
my main champs are really caitlyn, kha, and, sorakka, but these are the champs i have been recently been playing a lot, but I'm still looking for more champs to play different roles on a team

my bro that i play with i think can play solo top... yea i really dont know what else he plays, but fir sure here is some champs he plays
vladamir, nidalee, and blitz. those are the champs he has been playin.
feel free to add me in game -mikeal13 or reply to this post
tips would also be helpful too
Have a nice day

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If you just hit level 30, you probably shouldn't jump into ranked just yet.

You should own and know well probably 2-3 champs per role for the selections. (make sure you have a champ for each role that isn't commonly banned so)

Things you should know how to do super well:
Last Hit
Dragon/Baron timer
be able to anticipate where your/enemy jungler is without "mias"
ward correctly
build items properly for your champ AND to counter the enemy team
jungle (a weakness of mine personally)
support (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!)

also...it would be helpful if you were familiar with draft picks for a while before jumping right into ranked so you can get used to selecting champs and counter picking against the enemy.