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3v3 Ranked, Need Advice

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Hi there,

I've played many ranked 3v3s recently and lost games. We could never win team fights, the ganks were so successful, they had us scared everywhere we went.

We're pretty good at normal 3v3 (which I'm sure has no bearing on our outcome in ranked).

What I'm looking for is a quality reply with:

-Good strategy
-Good team comp
-Maybe certain early game play styles, what to rush, etc.

Any information is thanked!


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need an idea of what you like to run before I can tell you much I don't want to list every possible team comp.

The bare basics though: make sure you have at least 1 magic dmg, 1 physical dmg, and a jungler. Bring a good amount of CC. Control buffs, top tends to be more valuable with 2 buffs and dragon so u can normally trade red for top. Be careful though because red buff is much stronger than green in fights (black v red is situation dependent).

Dragon is king control at all costs. Well for anything except a 0-3 ace (1-3 can also be deadly if its late enough to push towers), but it general its ok to lose fights if it means u get dragon.

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communicate and use op champs

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if the ganks were that successful, maybe its time to start warding.

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Strong champions on 3v3 are champions with:
AoE ults

Just look for champions with those things. Basically a champion that can win their lane, gank effectively, farm well, get around the map and get where they need to be in teamfights will do well. (Note: No champion has everything)

Såm has a good tier list you can look at.

The best teamcomps consists of Meta (Tanky Melee AD) top, AP carry bottom, and an effective jungle. Top and bottom lane farm and keep their enemies low so jungle ganks are efrective and they have the items from kills / farm to turn teamfights in your favor. Jungle gives map control and ofcourse ganking options. Sometimes having two people bottom to deny their 1 person also works, but a good team will almost always shut this down.

In my eyes, the best way to sum up 3v3 strategy is map control.