Drakerider Sejuani

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Riot stated that made a conscious decision to remake Grisim into a mount that could be more easily reworked into new creatures for further skins.

I previously always thought the Sabertusk Sejuani skin would be much cooler if the head of the flail was a brazier that held a flame, and her skills all used smoke/ash/fire effects. Since I know that won't happen I wanted to take the concept and put it into a new skin that would be able to use the new Grisim model.

Sejuani would be adorned in armor akin to Shyvana's, Grisim would become a Salamander Drake or Drakehound (Whichever is easier to produce) and her Flail would have a burning brazier as the head. Her passive would be changed into a fiery aura.

Q would become a fiery dash, the activate effect of W would make the fire in the brazier grow larger and the auto attack would burn the enemy. While the flail is swung a whirling ember storm would swirl around Sejuani. The passive of E would cause the enemy to be burned and when E is activated the burning effects ignite and obscure the enemy in smoke. Her ulti would throw a fiery bola and when it struck a Champion it would create a flash fire effect, if the skill did not hit a Champion the bola would shatter into a smoke/ash cloud that would snare.

I hope to see this skin and many more Sejuani skins in the future!

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I like it!