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best position to carry feeders

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Without getting into details what to you guys think (i'm specifically talking about preventing bot lane from feeding)
- be a tanky support bot to protect the moron ad
- jungle
- mid (i think its the best but i get blocked out of mid every **** game)
- top (defiantly the worst in my opinion considering three guys get fed (the jungler usually gets in on the buffet) on bot so even if u get fed oh well, unless ur gp or sion or something and can put out ridiculous damage while being tanky)
- play ad carry urself and pray your support doesn't feed

Not saying im the best by a long shot, not saying i never have a bad game, but i dnt see how people keep feeding nonstop. Its like people die once and then continuously death charge into the other players as if it will make them make up for the last death lol.