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"Being Bad At The Game..."

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WookieeCookie was pretty clear on this. If you're bad at champ select (which is clearly a part of the skill in this game) then you could be banned. His point implied that a certain amount of skill is required to play in ranked games, and many posters agreed. A common theme was that if you're no good at all classes of champ, then stick to normal or bot games. Hence, you have to be at a certain skill level to play in ranked games, and if not, then you can be banned. This is a direct contradiction to what it states on the Tribunal page while you're judging games...

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Not true. What WC said was that picking a champion without consulting your team could potentially be reportable, if you played and did not support your team as well in the game. I believe his contention was that insta-locking a champion that is basically just a reskinned version of another champion already on your team (locking graves when you already have a cait and ashe as an example) without communicating with your team is not supporting your team.

Though I am a huge proponent of getting to play what you want, I agree with his sentiment. Though I don't support the meta, as LoL is a team game, there are naturally roles that exist that help a team win. I, personally, think you need at least 1 tank, 1 ranged AD champ. The rest is open to anything. All AD is bad though (IMO) because the enemy team can just get thornmail and that pretty much hoses your dps.

Again, to reiterate, WC was NOT saying that if you play badly you can be banned in ranked. He was saying not working with your team (especially in ranked) can get you in trouble. He used bad examples, but the message was the same.

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