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what is with the people on this game?

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My Right Ear

Senior Member


alright, i just had a game of tt where there was me (kassadin), nautilus and alistar, and since there where so many dodgers when i was trying to get a game i accidently open some unknown program which made me about 30 seconds late to the game to have my 2 teamates initiate 2v3 fight and die 2 for 0, i just told them not to worry about it, and in the next 5+ mins we got 6-2 kills, each 6 of those where mine (since im a burst mage assassin) and then nautilus is accusing me of ksing, so when we grouped up at about 20 mins or so in, after him complaining i would take all the kill i especially leave the kills for him, to which he died and i barely escaped, with ali just quiete as ever.

anyway, later on i secured and left kills for him until we where quiete close on kills, and so he shuts up and we finish the game

now all of this i could live with, but when we finish the game, we all say gg to each other, and naut, finding himself superior to the enemy team, decides to end it with "gg ****"

basically im just ranting at children, but he was in no place, considering he fed and made me worry enough about a twitch to buy thornmail, but really, he had no reason, there where no fights or anything, it was well mannered between the teams, yet he see's the point to put down someone he beat

TL;DR theres no point to this thread, just me ranting about snobby children these days

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>.> stop bring up a third of the games I've played in LoL plz bad memory's lol

I kno it's just a bltch thread and I'm pointing out the obvious but buddys totally less random more friend list and if it turns out they r the crazy ragers keep looking totally worth it loads more fun they r worth the work of looking for. ^_^