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[Champion] Leremy Jin - The Globe Trotter

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ZIP Zebra

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Wukong's long lost cousin, basketball player.
Leremy Jin
The Globe Trotter

passive = dribble, shot clock

  • every 15 seconds w & e abilities will increase in effect, as with q, and +r for each w & e use. resets when time expires. rinse repeat.
q = dunk
  • slam that does damage to the slam target and reduced area damage to surrounding enemies, if enemy has golden halo a slam dunk will be performed which has increased affects. if an ally has golden halo, then it will slam the ally out of the way (to safety). if the halo is at a map location then the champion can dunk to that location if he is within the dunking range, can be used as an escape mechanism.
w = charge
  • charges forward and stuns first target it hits, does damage, reduces cool down on e, if the target it hits is enemy. If the target it hits is ally, it knocks the ally forward and give a run speed boost. if no target is hit, run speed as well as cooldown increases.
e = pick
  • summons a teammate to block the progress of enemies, think trundle's mud pillar thing, very short duration. if it successfully blocks an enemy it increases the run speed of the champion, and reduces the cooldown of w.
r = golden halo +r 3pt shot
  • puts a golden halo above an enemy, or an ally. halo reduces magic resist. halo has a limited existence. Toggle r again to attempt a 3pt shot, shot will do damage to an enemy and heal over time to ally.

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Such a great idea.