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The system must change

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Insector Sun, I am sorry for having to fight you when your team member insta afk'd.

With this said, there is a reason why it is called "Elo hell".
We all want that 2k elo, we all know we can read that, but then its someone like this that makes you lose 40 elo..

That being said, Ive played over 1000 normal games of LoL in the last 2 years. I have only started playing ranked a lot recently. My 1000 games is about a 50/50 win/loss. Ive seen a lot of good players, bad players, and I have even had a ton of bad games. There will always be people who have a bad game. There will always be griefers. The Tribunal is a step in the right direction for Riot to remove the griefers from the people who are having a bad game and you, as a team mate, think they are a feeder.

It is too bad this system doesnt have a MVP feature for you team to pick.. then again that system could be abused.. and you could rate their preformance. Your "status" could determine how effective this judgement is. something like this might be better..