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Lag issue and server issue

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Dear Riot,

there is a saying that goes:" Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy."

so today i'm gonna wound you a-little. I know you have been doing a great work setting up this game and going into WCG, it's a fantastic milestone consider there are so many competition out there. But one thing for sure that gamers who see the distinctive different between blizzard and Riot..

Is your inability to make the server stable. it's okay to have issue here and there once in a while. fixes and patches.. but to make it such a frequent issue (shutting down server every now and then) is not making good point to your record.

Just take a look at blizzard battle-net. it's stable and constant. where as your server, it's always having problem with traffic and bugs or downs... not to mention, lag issue. Sometime i just don't understand that.. as a gamer the most basic thing you want from a multiplayer game is no lag or always down issue.. cuz it kills ur interest in that game..

i'm sure you wouldn't want ppl to brand riot as an incompetent gaming company that can't solve there basic server issue.

your sincerely.

P.S I love your game but nt the lag and always downtime server