riot can you please get some better world regions going please

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I live in the central United States and I always get stuck playing with people from Brazil. There are 3 problems with this.
1) Apparently Brazil has terrible internet, because I see the word "Lag" a lot in chat when they fail, and they fail a lot.
2) If I can't communicate with my team, we are gonna have a lot of problems with strategy
3) I have yet to play a game with a Brazilian who actually knows what they are doing in this game, not saying there's none out there, but I haven't played with any, and I've played with a lot of em. They are always more interested in killing minions, even during times when there are team fights going on.

I guess my question is, has there been any thought to getting a South American server going so we don't have to deal with these problems any more?? Losing a lot of games because of this, and its getting old. PLEASE HELP !!!!!