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Enviromental Effects

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What if, during the year, Summoner's Rift had random environmental effects go off every so often?

For Example:
Spring - The River periodically expands (floods) then receeds. While it's flooded, speed through the river is reduced, but it grants cover.
Summer - The river is smaller (due to evaporation) and Random firestorms run though the field dealing damage to all in path. Dehydration may also be included (maybe a slow effect)
Fall - Leaves whip around in cyclones that blind targets hit
Winter - Snow Flurries create drifts that give the frozen condition when you run through them. Additionally, the river is frozen solid (giving a speed boost, but lowering control as you slip-slide down the river)

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i love it, maybe in the
- spring if u get caught right as the river floods u are pushed to a different lane from the rapids.also it could throw in another factor to watch our for when ganking is possible. it could be random with the direction the current will flow making.

-summer where the brush catches on fire, if u get hit u get a small burn debuff like brands passive ??

-fall you can also get knocked back or thrown over a wall

- winter there can be snow blocked paths through jungle and made paths that if u get caught in u get sent to wherever it ends like a slide