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The Wandering Blade (A Talon-centric Fanfic)

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Lord Kyleshorse

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It's been about four months since the last chapter. I hope this story wasn't closed or forgotten. It's actually my favorite of this community's fan fiction work!

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please tell me an update is on the way i really like this story

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please update this story

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Holy **** people actually read this? Man i thought it wasn't doing so well so I decided to...leave it on Hiatus. I guess I'll have to start this again

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Talon walked through the streets that lead to the bustling metropolis known as Piltover. He took noticed that even the lower areas, such as the slums, were far better than the slums of his home. This must be due to the extremely low crime rate due to Caitlyn, the city’s sheriff and a Champion of the League. Due to her actions and several others within the city, their crime rate was close to zero. This made the assassin growl. This meant that he had to actually sneak into the prison they have just to speak to the inmates about the conspiracy Tokuhiro told him about. Although as the assassin made his way through the alleyways of Piltover, he could feel the eyes of some person following him.

Slowly making it past to his desired destination he looked at a tube that lead upward to the more advanced part of the city, the place where all the advancements were made. Remembering his several journeys to this city in the past, he recalled that the part he just walked through was the part of Piltover that focused on gathering resources, and the towering structures was where points of significance were such as the Yordle Academy, the laboratories of Jayce and Heimerdinger as well as his true destination, the high tech prisons.

As he got to the tube there was a guard that looked him over and frowned. He brought down a rod the radiated magical energy and pointed it at Talon’s form. “Halt who goes there?” the guard shouted.

“My name is Relius,” Talon introduced himself as he showed his some forged papers. It showed that he came from Demacia, some believable age and that he was a corporal of the Demacian Military. “I am here to visit a cousin in one of the academies.” The guard eyed him again.

“You don’t look Demacian,” he muttered. It was true too. Talon did not look like he came from Demacia. He had on a hooded purple coat with a shoulder guard with a red star on it. He wore a red **** underneath that. Ripped jeans adorned his legs and his outfit was completed with brown boots. Around his neck was a handkerchief. He didn’t bring his large blade and his bladed cape just so he wouldn’t stand out as much.

“I’m here incognito. I’d rather not have my cousin know I’m here.”


“Because his mother wants me to drag back home. You know how mothers get when they are away from their child too long. The guard grunted and gave him back his papers.

“Go on ahead. I don’t need to tell you that you need to not get into trouble do I?”

“And meet with the long gun of the law?” Talon asked with a raised eyebrow. “I’d rather not do that.” ‘Especially if I want things going my way.’ Talon thanked the man before entering the elevator and leaning against it. The easy part was done: he got in. Now he had to go and get some information while avoiding the many champions of the League. “This is going to be rather annoying,” he muttered to himself.


“Miss Caitlyn,” a voice drifted into a dark room. Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, looked up from here paperwork to see who had came into her office. She saw a woman, in her early twenties, and dressed in the police uniform walking up to her. “Here is the hour’s list of entries into our cities Miss Caitlyn.”

“Thank you,” the sheriff replied. The woman placed the papers on Caitlyn’s desk, did a salute before finally leaving. With a tired sigh from doing all her work, Caitlyn reaches out and reads the list of new entries. All looked normal until she hit one name and picture: Relius. There was no family name and his clothes looked familiar to her. Not only that but his face did as well. “This Relius man looks familiar,” she said to herself. She then stood up, grabbed her hat and gun, and then left the room. The other police officers stood up and saluted her. “Men, women, I’ll be going out on an investigation. Carry out your duties until then.”

“Yes ma’am,” the people replied.


Talon sighed as he made his way through the bustling metropolis. The assassin really didn’t like this city. It was too advanced and had way too many security measures. This place was an assassin’s nightmare if they wanted to infiltrate something. The rescue droids that doubled as recon droids were irritating. Not only that, but there were dozens of officers around that. It was oh so very irritating, but if he was being honest to himself, Talon would have loved living here if he wasn’t an assassin.

Deciding that he’d take a break for a moment before sneaking into the prison of the city, Talon entered a small café. As he sat down he placed a few gold on the table and asked for some coffee. As he sat down with his drink with his eyes, Talon saw someone sitting down across from him. “That seat is taken,” he said.

“Oh I know. It’s for me right? You didn’t forget who I am did you cousin?” a very familiar, and annoying, voice responded. Talon’s eyes snapped open and saw Tokuhiro sitting across from him, in the flesh. He looked just like what he did when he appeared to him in his spectral form, save he wasn’t wearing summoner’s robes. Instead he wore something that reminded him that the man was from Ionia. He wore a long yellow robe with long sleeves stylized with red dragons and black cotton pants. As Talon stared he noticed that he found similarities between the clothes he wore and those of Udyr and Lee Sin. “Talon, how nice to meet you in person.”

“I thought summoners stayed within the halls in the Institute of War,” Talon said.

“Oh please. I have a bad case of cabin fever if I stay in one place for too long. So, I decided to come visit my dear cousin Relius, as he visited our other cousin.”

“How did you know of my alias as I came here?”

“How did I know? You forget Talon that I’m more an info broker than anything. I like to know what goes on, especially those who I align myself with.” Talon snorted as he drank more of his coffee. Soon the waitress that served the assassin his drink brought some tea for Tokuhiro. “Thank you.”

“So what do I owe the honor of your presence here?” The Ionian took a drink of his tea before laughing.

“I would have spoken to you telepathically like I usually do, but the General contacted me before I could get a chance to inform you of what I have learned recently.”

“What did the General say?” This piqued Talon’s interest. He didn’t expect Tokuhiro to make contact with the General so soon.

“He wants to send you back up, so here I am. He also tells me that the group that we are tracking down has something planned. They are watching you Talon.” Tokuhiro made a point by looking out a window and Talon followed. They saw a billowing robe disappear down an alley.

“So they were following me,” Talon commented.

“Oh? You knew you were being followed?” The assassin nodded.

“I thought it was the inane police here in Piltover but I guess I was wrong.” He then looked at his current partner. “So what do we do?”

“Why don’t we ask them for a little info.”

“Any idea on their skills?”

“I have a hunch, but I’d rather not say just in case I’m wrong. So you’d be going in blind.” That made Talon frown.

“I don’t like going in uninformed of the situation.”

“And you think I do?” Tokuhiro asked. “Knowing is half the battle, and we may be going in blind. All I know is they work in pairs and are hard to beat.”

“Might as well go. We also shouldn’t attract the attention of the city police,” Talon said. “If Ms. Caitlyn catches word of this, she’ll be on our asses before we know it.” When Talon stood up, he noticed that the summoner was still seated. “Is something wrong?”

“Are you going to be okay with just a few measly blades?”

“I’ll manage.” Tokuhiro sighed and reached into a sac that was on the floor. He pulled out a wrapped item and threw it at Talon. The assassin caught it and stared at the bundle. Opening the package, he was surprised to see an odd bracer. It was plated with metal to protect the top side, while the under side had some sort of mechanism on it. The upper part also had an odd insignia, a pair of cross blades and had an winged animal in between them. “What is this?”

“You can call it a gift from the General,” Tokuhiro explained. “One of the many artifacts the General found throughout his current travels. This was found in abandoned temple beneath Noxus to be honest.”

“How would it be helpful?”

“I had to look at it part by part before making it better. Took me awhile since I didn’t want to break it.” Tokuhiro stood up and touched the item. Magic flowed through the item and it attached itself to Talon’s right arm. “Just flex your arm a bit and you’ll have your new weapon.” Raising an eyebrow, Talon did just that. A small blade shot out from the mechanism from the bottom. The blade reached a bit further than his middle finger. With another flick of his wrist the blade flew back into the slot.


“The General said that this was from an old assassin clan. He found it, and he wasn’t sure how the mechanism worked. From the schematics he found, the this item is about a century or so old; yet, the schematics are far too advanced to be anything from back then.” Tokuhiro sighed. “If I’m right then that would mean that this was from before the Rune Wars.”

“So the General wants me to have this?”

“Yes. Now I want you to know this though. From my research, there are temples for assassin’s hidden somewhere in all the city-states of Valoran, as well as the Shadow Isles and a few other places.” Tokuhiro stopped at the door before turning back. “If you go anywhere near them. I want you to find these temples and bring back as much loot as you can. I want to see what these assassins were able to do back then.”

“Got it. Now, let’s go find some of these…rebels.” Talon and Tokuhiro walked out of the building and down into an alley. The Ionian broke left, while the Noxian went right. Their opponents weren’t hiding themselves all too well, but Talon didn’t mind. The hunt was on.

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omg dont stop writting D:

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Unlucky bobofish

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aw man... its over already? really liked this story though, so thanks for what you already gave us